Sunday, April 06, 2008

Kaitlyn is sick :(

Dad giving Kaitlyn a breathing treatment, look how "sacked out" she is in his arms. She never sits willingly in our lap without a distraction.

Kaitlyn came down with a bad cold on Friday, now it's in her lungs and we are doing around the clock breathing treatments. We'll take her to the doctor on monday. I always worry so much when she gets sick, not really knowing what type of shape her lungs are in..

Poor thing, she cried on and off today for no reason (she's never done that!) It breaks my heart!

She even snuggled with us as we gave her breathing treatments - this is a FIRST. (Remember, Kaitlyn's normal liking-to-be-held period is about 10 seconds (Unless it's in the shower or on a moving train/swing) normally it's a constant fight to get her to sit still. This time she was even willing to put her mouth on the breathing tube and keep it there. Also a first. Must be helping make her feel better.

Keep her in your thoughts!
Update- from doctor - no ear infection, is going on antibiotics due to the large amount of gunk in her lungs....She also has eczema (She's had a weird rash for about a month)

Here's my 19 week belly last week. Getting bigger!


Catherine Chandler said...

I'll be sending lots of good thoughts and energy your guys' way!!!

Sarah said...

Be well, sweety! Mila and I have you in our thoughts! Your mommies blog has helped us sooo much - I found your mommy's blog before I even had her, and I've stayed!

Laura said...

awwwww! get well soon sweet girl!!
mama you look absolutely fabulous!

Anonymous said...

I hope she is feeling better.
You look great, prayers being sent your way that the placenta previa rectifies itself.
Congrats on finding out your new addition is a boy.