Tuesday, April 01, 2008

new glasses!

Here are some new pictures (in no particular order)

Mom, dad and Kaitlyn at the San Francisco Zoo (yes the Tiger incident Zoo) the Friday before Easter.
Kaitlyn opening her Grandma Corinne's Easter Basket!
Kaitlyn's new glasses!
I'm a big girl now, drawing!

New Glasses

Her new glasses have clip-ons for the sun too! Wow, what a deal! I spent only $35 for frames, lenses, shipping and the clips! They are a little big for Kaitlyn but she seems to like them and they are soo cute! I purchaed them at:

Kaitlyn playing with the boys at the "Disco Museum" well the Discovery Museum but that was too much of a mouthful for her to say

Again at the Disco Museum, loving splashing all the other kids with the fish in the stream. She had a ball.

Kaitlyn has to hold on to something at all times, just try imagining how hard it was her to do this feat!

Kaitlyn's green St. Patty's day Shirt and her balloon! Have I told you how much she loves Balloons? She goes ape if she's at a park and see's a balloon and can't have one.

Mom and Kaitlyn looking at the Grizzly bears

Dad and Kaitlyn at the SF Zoo, cute father daughter picture

Kaitlyn wanted to sit on the big chair, she's wearing a cute top that Grandma Corinne sent for Easter. She says "Grandma Shirt" whenever I put the top on her!

At the Children's Park outside the Oakland Zoo on Easter Sunday. We met the family there and had a grand Easter Egg hunt. The above 2 pictures are with Grandpa Poppy, My dad.

Kaitlyn opened up each egg after she found each one, and the change/jelly beans (which she'd put in moms mouth) and stickers kept falling out, it was funny, as you had to put her basket under the egg or she'd loose everything in the egg.

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CG said...

Kaitlyn looks so tall in the chair. Is she that tall or is the picture deceiving me? How is the feeding going? I pray for your pregnancy to continue uneventfully until you are in labor at 40 weeks!!!
You guys take care. By the way, you are glowing in your belly picture!!
Take care