Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Teaching the bunny to vomit

Ok, I'm posting this picture for all of us moms out there whose children vomit non-stop without any explanation form the doctors. This seems to be a common thread of early micro-preemies. Unexplained vomiting. And knowing from experience it's really an awful thing for us parents as much as it is for our children. Not only do we live in constant fear of vomit-fest, we smell like vomit all the time from cleaning it up, our carpets are ruined forever, we limit were we go in public, we never go on vacation and on top of it, we work sooo hard to get food in them it's the most frustrating experience that unless you "live" it you can't imagine, but seeing all that "effort" go down the drain, literally.

This was taken by my good friend Lisa here in SF. She has 2 sets of twins, all preemies. One of her daughters has a very serious, life-threatening medical metabolic condition, which has landed her in the ICU too many times to count. She turns blue all the time without reason, she's also is a huge vomiter and doesn't eat.

This picture was taken in the ICU, where Morgie was "teaching her bunny how to vomit." Sometimes we need some humor! She even has the mouth motion going to teach the bunny how it's done!!


Sarah said...

Mila has learned to eat - as long as she is not eating actual FOOD. Empty forks and spoons, she will actually feed " air " to herself and say " ummmmm ! " like it tasted delicious.

I don't have a baby - I have a plant living on sunshine and air! Though, if that were true, I wouldn't smell like puke. ( You are so right on that )

BusyLizzyMom said...

We just back from Disney and the stress of bringing our mini volcano at times was too much. Due to multiple variables her vomiting had increased while away. I dreaded haiving to wait in line or take the bus back to the hotel as I never knew when she would blow. I was a total stress bag just waiting for her to vomit on someone. Luckily we only had one public vomit in a patio restaurant where I had to fight the crows as they were happily pecking at her barf. Elizabeth is 3 and still barfing some days I think it will never end.

Cristi said...

I cant imagine how frustrating that could be. As parents we think when there is a problem, we are doing what is right by taking them to a doctor to fix the problem. I think I would just want to scream at them "Figure this out!' Not that it would help. I was wondering how soon you realized this vomiting was such an issue, other than just normal baby spitting up. I pray your situation will ease up and I pray too for a healthy new little boy for you.

liz.mccarthy said...

oh my Sarah, Kaitlyn does the "mmmmmmm" thing all the time, she says, "birthday cake, mmmmmmmmm", but she's never actually "eaten" birthday cake, or anything else that she says mmmmmmm to! Very cute and funny.