Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Quinn is 2 weeks old

Yesterday was Quinn's 2 week old birthday. Mom started driving again! Yipee.

I was so nervous when I first set out (I was also pumping breast milk at the time for my first drive) on the way to the hospital. I hadn't driven in so long (almost 2 months) it felt so strange to be "free!" I also went to my Feeding Disorder meeting yesterday at the hospital (hey, I was there visiting Quinn in the NICU anyways), it was my first social outing for a LONG time. I was sooo tired last night, but amazingly today is the first day I feel sort of "rested". Maybe the anemia is starting to go away.

Quinn came off the cannula yesterday (again), let's hope he stays off this time. He is actually starting to take some more milk! Yippee!! I'm almost afraid to jinx it or something, but he is crying and wanting to eat, but still often won't take his full-feeds, BUT he has taken a few full-feeds (45ml) which is huge. He quickly drinks 20-30ml and then stops, so it's typically takes a lot of coaxing to get the rest of the feed in, but if he doesn't take it orally, the nurses gavage him the rest (yucky feeding tube). He's back to an oral tube (that's put in an out when needed) and he gags horribly when it's put in (wouldn't you?)
Quinn is still under his birth weight, but is gaining finally.
Here are some recent pictures:

Dad giving Quinn an oral tube feeding (brings back memories doesn't it? It sure does for us)

Quinn still looks so big in most pictures, so here is a little bit more reference with Dad holding him.
More snoozing on dad's chest
Yes, I am a little fella
Holding mom's finger
Still a tiny guy (under his birth weight still)


edbteach said...

Liz, I am so glad that you are feeling better and Quinn is eating better! Thanks for updating us!


skeybunny said...

Keep up the good work Quinn! You are in our thoughts and prayers--we hope you get to come home soon.

Storrs Family

Cristi said...

So little and PRECIOUS! Look at all that hair! Still praying in Louisiana.

Shannon and Carey said...

Precious and look at that hair!
Enjoy!!!!! Kisses to Quinn.

mommycupcake said...

INSANELY cute! :):)

Jane said...

So cute! Keep getting strong Quinn!

Anonymous said...

Glad that he is doing better. Hope he is home with his family soon! Still keeping you and your family in my prayers. Glad that you are driving. Makes you feel sorta "normal" huh!

former PROM list member

Princess Abigail said...

Aw Quinn you are lovely!
You are doing really well!
Just remember to reassure your parents about that!
A good burp usually works well!
We look forward to more!
The Bernard Bunch

Princess Abigail said...

Hey the Mcarthies I just thought of something : Quinn needs to be included in the header of your blog now!!! Yeah!! Can't wait to see the new version!
All our love
The Bernard Bunch