Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Some Pictures...

Blogging started out as a way to past the time (as I was lying in bed praying for my twins), now my life is so crazy busy, that I get stressed out thinking that I MUST blog. Sorry for the blog lagging lately, but work has to take a precedence!, which is a good (no great thing) that I'm busy again in Real Estate. I do love to blog and continue to want to do it in more earnest, but at this piont, I've got to pay the bills!)

Kaitlyn's last day of Special Ed preschool is tomorrow! I'm sad, I really love her teachers....But she will be back in preschool (the 3 year old class again next year repeated) and she will be in a week of summer special ed too.

Quinn's first little bottom teeth are just finally showing themselves, he is a very opinionated little guy! About everything! Last night I had 1.5 hours of crying (not going to bed). poor little guy (poor mom!)

So, at least here are some pictures!

My daughter likes sweets a lot like her mom, hard to believe how MUCH she likes to eat (well sweets at least!) How do you like her glasses by the way! They are from ZenniOptical

This was taken on Saturday, Kaitlyn is sitting next to another micro preemie twin (whose water broke at 17 weeks like on Corinne). Look at the 2 of them chomping down their birthday cake!

OK a mystery man holding Quinn, any guesses? his name is Brian (but it's not Quinn's dad......) He likes ice skating like Quinn's dad....(figure not hockey however...) Any Guesses??. PS, what do you think about my new VERY SHORT hair cut?

It's Brian Boitano, Olympic Gold Medalist of course! Brian is the god-father to my good friend Lisa's children (she has 2 sets of twins). I met Lisa through our children (our non-eating children) and we've become good friends. We attended her 4 children's birthday party on Saturday and got to visit again with Brian Boitano (who loved the color of Quinn's hair by the way!) Brian and Lisa grew up ice skating together.

Kaitlyn visiting her dad at work
And wearing dad's fire helmet


The Gonce's said...

I like the new hair cut, It looks great on you! Kaitlyn's new glasses are awesome! Riley will need some eventually so I will def look into the same company. Sorry to hear about having to go back to work, but you do what you gotta do to pay the bills. Glad to see everyone is doing so well!

Anna said...

Love everything: haircut, cute pink glasses, Quinn's head, how cute and happy everyone looks!

Billie said...

I was gonna comment that I love the new glasses before you even asked:) Also love the fabulous new haircut. Mine is much shorter now too:)

bz0676 said...

I came across your blog today and found solace in your posts! I am a micropreemie mom. My son Philip was born at 23 weeks and is now 5 months old. He's getting ready to leave the hospital and come home for the very first time in about a week! The picture that struck me most was the one of Kaitlyn wearing her Daddy's uniform. My husband is a firefighter as well. I look forward to taking similar pictures someday of our son!
Everett, WA