Monday, November 28, 2005

Kaitlyn is 3 pounds!

Kaitlyn has finally hit the big 3 pound marker and she's up to 30 cc's every 3 hours (yes, that's an ounce!). She hit 3 pounds a few days ago (I've been too busy to post), and she's now about 3 pounds 2 ounces!
She is still on the "high-flow" nasal cannula, but she is being slowly weaned, she used to be at 5% pressure, but she's now at 3%. After she is weaned to 2% and tolerates it well, she'll be switched to the regular nasal cannula, which is a very good thing! That means that there isn't the oxygen isn't pressured into her, it would just flow.

My brother Gary (who helped post here on the blog when I went into labor) came to visit his Niece for the first time this weekend and he thought she was amazing! Here's a picture of Gary and I visiting with Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn also had her 2nd bath yesterday. She really didn't get too upset during the bath, only during the sticker removal (that hold down the leads stuck to her).

She is much more alert than in the past, it's so wonderful to visit with her when she looks back at you. What a cutie!

Unfortunately late last night I came down with a crappy cold thing, which means, very sadly, that I won't be able to go visit my own daughter until I'm better again. Hopefully it will be by this Friday, when Kaitlyn's Grandparents are coming to visit from Pennsylvania. They've never seen her yet and are so excited!

Uncle Gary visiting with his Niece for the first time. Our NICU bed is back in a corner, which makes things a little tight for visiting.

A very large, but cute Preemie outfit on Kaitlyn. This cute outfit was sent to me by a wonderful Ex-preemie mom from San Jose. She was advertising some Preemie clothes for sale, but when she heard about our story, she sent them to us for free. She hasn't worn them yet until now, as you can tell, she is still way to small to fit well, (her feet are about 3 inches from the footsies), but the nurses thought it was so cute she should wear this outfit.

Kaitlyn taking her 2nd bath while nurse and Liz attempt to remove stickies.

Kaitlyn is wide awake and actually seems to be enjoying her 2nd bath.

Mom attempting to get Kaitlyn into her "preemie" outfit - always a difficult task inside the isolette and with all her leads attached. I certainly look forward to her being in a crib....(Remember when I was looking forward to her just being off the ventilator?)


Anonymous said...

Liz & Brian,

Your little bundle of joy is soo adorable! Gary looked so happy to see you and her together.

Thanks again for sharing. I hope you feel better soon!


Michelle Flannagan said...

Liz- I love the preemie outfit, I always liked to keep the kids dressed, they looked more like babies and less like patients. The nurses were always looking forward to the latest fashions.
BabyGap always has cute preemie clothes on sale :)

Take care! Michelle

Jodi D. (from PROM) said...

Kaitlyn is just gorgeous!!! Great pics. I'm glad you're able to enjoy her now. Hope you're feeling better soon.

:) Jodi D. (From PROM)

Anonymous said...

Oh Liz!
What a beautiful baby girl! She is so gorgeous! I am so proud of you and Brian. Love all the pictures and updates. She really is plumping up and look at those sweet round cheeks! Sad you got a cold! I remember last year I got a flu shot and my husband didn't and he couldn't visit for about 7 days! He brought me to the hospital BUT had to do the waiting room thing and I would do the 2-3 hour visit. It was hard. I SOOOO recc. you both getting a flu shot! You don't want to break that kangaroo visit/ let alone visits!!
Congrats on crossing the 3lb mark!

Lots of love,
Lisa Haugen
Fellow Marauder ;-)

Kimberly Zibilich said...

Liz & Brian,
The baby is so beautiful, I can't believe how much she has filled out it must have something to do with your milk. Hope you feel better soon.