Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Kaitlyn moves to the Big Girl Room and drinks out her first bottle!

Wednesday 11/30/05

Sadly, I’m still sick. Yuck. I got the flu. (At least I got it before Kaitlyn comes home), but yesterday I even had a temperature. Sheesh, haven’t I had enough already?

The Doc called me this am to tell me that Kaitlyn has moved to the “Big Girl Room.” Our NICU has 2 rooms, one is for more stable babies and the babies who are closer to going home! I guess a whole bunch of new babies came in last night and they needed the room to help other little ones. She’s still in an incubator, as she can’t maintain her own temperature yet, but she’s heading in the right direction. This is great news.

And even better news, Kaitlyn took some of my milk out of her first bottle (just 5cc’s) – she’s up to 30 cc’s, so she got the rest still through the feeding tube inserted into her stomach. The saddest thing is that neither Brian nor I were there to witness the event (and of course document via camera). But I’m still very happy. Brian hasn’t gone to the NICU for 2 days also, just in case he started to come down with this bug.

Today I started feeling better (no fever), but still hacking away. Good news on the incicsion front, it is almost healed. I'm even tending it to myself (ever since Brian went back to work). It's just open a tiny little bit, a band-aid would probably cover it, but it's still oozing, some I'm still covering it with a gauze pad.

Can you believe that you’ve added to the 5,300+ views that my blog has received? That’s amazing to me, and I thank you for all of your support – it really means the world to Brian and I.


liz.mccarthy said...

A wonderful friend sent me an email with the following, I thought I'd share it here. Besides the fact that I am eventually going to print out my entire blog, including comments so that Kaitlyn can see how loved she was at such an early age.

Liz, I have waited awhile to contact you as I know the roller coaster you have been on. Sweet Liz, you have already been through a life time of challenges in the last few months. I have kept track through your blog. I have been sending you healing energy from the beginning.

Your dear Corinne is truly an angel now and is "around" you, Brian and her sister. Her spirit energy is very strong. Sometime in Kaitlyn's childhood, she will show up as her "invisible friend" and bring Kaitlyn much joy. Kaitlyn is such a fighter and so beautiful. The photos are lovely of you all.

I will continue to send you love....the most healing energy of all. I also surround Kaitlyn in a cocoon of protective white light. You can do that too. Just visualize a porous, sparkling,
white "bubble" surrounding Kaitlyn, made up of love, healing, strength and protection. I do that with my son all of the time....especially when he was recovering from a surgery or injury. Do that for yourself also, so your immune
system can stay strong during these stressful times.

I will continue to hold you and your family in my heart.

julie deruvo said...

Hi Liz,

What a beautiful message from your friend and it is SOO true! I especially loved when she said that during Kaitlyn's childhood, Corinne will show up as her invisible friend. The bond they share is unbreakable and infinite!

I am sorry that I have been out of touch, life here has been a bit nuts with all of us battling the same bug you have - ugh, it looks like we are on the mend though. I still think of you often and "baby Kaitlyn" as the girls call her, is still a part of their nightly prayers.

You are doing remarkably well given all you have had to deal with recently, just remember to take time for yourself as well. I am so happy to hear that Kaitlyn is doing so well and that she making such progress! She will be home before you know it! ;)

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

Michelle Flannagan said...

Yay Kaitlyn! moving to the Big Kid room is a big step, as is drinking out a bottle for the first time. I missed Declan's first time too, but was there for Anna's. Hopefully you'll be over the bug soon and can watch that sweet little face as she eats.
Take Care, Michelle

Anonymous said...

Liz, this is such great news. I'm so proud of you and so proud of Kaitlyn. Try and remember this is just a short window in a long long wonderful life with Baby K. We love her so much and you and Brian too. Much love, Whitney and the Cicero gang