Sunday, November 20, 2005

Kaitlyn's first bath


Kaitlyn had her first bath on Saturday! She actually did quite well, it didn't bother her too much. She's still doing absolutely fantastic! After I kangarooed her on Sunday, (she slept the whole time), she was alert after being put back into her isolette. I think she was hungry. She was alert and awake for about 20 minutes, she spent the whole time being active, looking at mom, even holding my finger and pulling it towards her mouth. She also sucked on a pacificer for a bit, the longest I'd ever seen her. Here are some pictures from her first bath.

Dad took all these pictures.

Washing Katilyn's hair before the bath. I was holding her in one arm and washing her hair with the other. You can see a close-up of the nasal cannula that she is now on. The tape on her cheeks holds it on. (as well as it can, because Kaitlyn loves pulling anything off her face). In fact, in many pitcures you will not see her feeding tube in her mouth, as she also likes to pull it out. The the nurses are putting it down into her stomach with every feeding.

Kaitlyn didn't like mom and the nurse trying to pull off her sticky tapes that hold monitors in place. The nurse changed them after the bath. The tape is supposed to come off in the water, but it didn't! Kaitlyn has very sensitive skin. We still haven't heard Kaitlyn cry. You can just tell she's crying by her squished up face.

In this picture you can tell how small and "froglike" she still is.

Kaitlyn wearing her first clothes. This is a tiny preemie "onesie". Most of the preemie clothes I have for her are still too big! This was the smallest of the small and it still swims on her. Look at her clean hair, sticking straight up! She is actually looking like a baby, rather than a little plucked chicklett.


Anonymous said...

Liz & Brian - what exciting news! JJ and I just returned from a couple of weeks in Vietnam - it was great to read all of the happy updates. I'm glad to hear Kaitlyn is doing well, and that she's making such progress. It must have been so satisfying to finally kangaroo her, and give her a bath. You've all been in my thoughts - sending all my best.

Anonymous said...

Wow! How much she has grown! She's adorable and I bet you can't wait to hear her cry out loud. It looks like she's trying to. Soo happy for the both of you!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Mom and Dad! The first bath is always the hardest! Sounds like Kaitlyn is going to be one of those kids who is going to get your whole bathroom soaking wet one of these days in the near future! She is going to splash her little heart out AND it will be Great!!!
Lots of love, Sue

Michelle Flannagan said...

She looks great, what long arms and legs! Glad to hear that she is doing so well, she's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

You are truly and inspiration to me. I admire the compassion and love you have shown to your beautiful little Kaitlyn. Thank you for sharing your story.

A BabyCenter Visitor