Thursday, October 23, 2008

Last Therapy

I may have posted already, but as Kaitlyn turned 3 a few weeks ago, she finished her Therapies that were covered under the Regional Center.

She bonded so much with her therapists, that I took a few pictures of them on their last day together.

Amazingly, on her last day with Rebecca (from Easter Seals), Kaitlyn smiled on cue for the camera for the very first time!

Not that we are done with therapist, I wanted again to personally thank all of her amazing therapists that have helped her come so far:

Margaret Bourne (Speech and Oral Motor)
Miki Romo (OT, SPD specialist)
Kate Hemlock (feeding disorders)
Meeta Patel (ABA Feeding Therapist)
Monica (feeding Thereapist, CPMC)
Tom - Easter Seals Play Group
Steve Carrol- Easter Seals Play Group
Rebecca Sharpe - Easter Seals Teach
Jan Tartosky - Child Development - infant CPMC
Susan Stephens- PT

Thank you everyone, enjoy these pictures of you and Kaitlyn together! Your work is sooo important, you have made a life-long change in Katilyn to help her navigate the world ahead of her.

Here is a link to all of her last therapy pictures:
therapy pictures

at play group - easter seals
steve, tom and kaitlyn
tom and steve at music time
steve and kaitlyn
kaitlyn actually sitting still!
kaitlyn loves bouncing on the ball
at the sand table
rebecca - easter seals teacher- last day- this was Kaitlyn's FIRST SMILE EVER on command for the camera
Miki Romo (OT, last day)
Margaret Bourne - last day (speech)
Mom and Kaitlyn at playgroup
serious kaitlyn
holding up the horse for Old Macdonald song


Erika said...

She is beautiful and has overcome so much in her short life. You do amazing job.

You don't know me, but I have a 26 weeker born at 14 oz. that just turned 1. She has some major feeding issues and I would really love to pick your brain if you ever have a free second (ha, ya right!). If you can, please email me at rikirees at g mail dot com

thank you

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who had a baby and did not latch properly so she wanted to pump the milk but it came very little amount. Everytime she pumped it came only one ounce or so. The doctor said the baby didn't latch so she could not produce milk but when I read your blog I was amazed that without latching you are producing tons of milk. Could you tell how you are keeping this milk supply so well? Are you taking anything which boost the milk supply?Please give us your suggestions.Your children are doing really good.

Shannon and Carey said...

Your smile is just like your mommy's Kaitlyn. You two look lovely and happy!
-Shannon in Austin