Thursday, October 30, 2008

Brings it all back

Somehow my crazy email in box moved to the bottom (really old emails). I noticed that the emails were my announcing the fact that I was pregnant with twins, and then an email from someone in my local twins club in response to the following email I had sent out:

I am a new member, we are (were?) expecting twins due 1/4/05 after a lot of difficulties in getting pregnant. After my amnio at CPMC on 7/26 the sac of one twin ruptured and I've been leaking fluid since. I've been on complete bedrest and going a bit crazy. At an u/s this last tues one twin showed minimal fluid left. I am continuing to leak amnionic fluid which means most likely the sac is not healing. We are waiting until next tues (tomorrow) to check again.
The amnio was done with one needle stick. I was doing great before the amnio. Obviously we are having major regrets.

Does anyone have any similar stories or suggestions? At this point the prognosis isn't looking good.

pre term labor and infection are the fear for the healthy twin. I am only 18 weeks (19 weeks Wednesday) as of now and lungs are not developed yet, the sac ruptured at 17 weeks.
We found out via the u/s before the amnio that it is 2 girls.
Thank you.
Liz McCarthy

Takes the wind out of me all over again just thinking about it.

And an email with my plane ticket to fly to tampa florida when we tried our last ditch effort to try to seal my amniotic sac (which didn't work obviously). (if you didn't know we tried to do an amniopatch, read the first post in my blog)

it was like looking at a snapshot in time.

How I wish I could roll back the clock to the day of my amnio....7/26/05.


Anonymous said...

I'm just curious because I don't understand the amnio say that you wish you could roll back the clock....could things have turned out differently or could you have helped the fluids not leak? Or could the doctors have acted quicker? Hope you don't mind me asking. I've followed you for a while now and kinda feel like I know you:)

Anonymous said...

Please disregard the comment earlier....I read about the amnio procedure on wiki. I think I understand what you were saying now. (hugs)

Anonymous said...


You wanted to do something good for your precious babies so please don't regret. Sometimes parents wanted their children to have fun and they take them to the fun park and accident happened and they lost their children. For you Cornie came to your womb like an angel and you didn't get connected with her after she was born because she went to heaven so soon. Think about the parents who loose their children after several years, so many memeories, so many attachments but accidenets can happen. The moms who smoke, drink and baby born with lot of disabilities, they should regert but not you. You always wanted good thing for your baby.

Anne said...

I had a cvs at 13 weeks. It seemed like all was fine until I went into preterm labor at 24 weeks, delivered twins at 25w2days. One of the twins' sacs was severely infected, which caused the early labor. That child (my son) died, and my daugher has been in NICU since Sept 19. They say now that it was likely a result of the sac having been infected during the cvs.