Saturday, October 18, 2008


Here are some recent pictures:

Did I mention that Quinn started social smiling a week ago? This is SOOO amazing for me, as Kaitlyn NEVER did this! Wow, it brings joy to my heart! He's really a good baby!

The birthday princess, more interested in wearing all her decorations than anything else
snack time at preschool (before her birthday cupcakes)
glamming it up with her new birthday scooter

Grandma Corinne, Grandma Mame, Kaitlyn and Quinn
Trying out her "first" birthday cake for her 3rd birthday
Lisa B, Liz, Whitney and Lucy (friends (and sister) from K's birthday party), which I had thought of taking a picture with all my friends there before everyone left due to the cold.
Kaitlyn and Brendan in the slide

For all the pictures from K's party (way too many to post on blogger) to go my flicker account:


Laura said...

i remember daniel's "first" birthday cake. it was such a wonderful, amazing moment...still is.
the kids look great and the party pics are wonderful. what a great time it looks like it was. i'm glad you also had a moment for Corinne too.
keep on enjoying those smiles of quinn's. laughter will soon follow i imagine as we are enjoying our hazel's laughter now.

Anonymous said...

You all look soooo happy and healthy!Quinn brought lot of joy in your life and it really reflects on your face and smile!
Kaitlyn looks a very typical toddler girl!No need to worry!

abby said...

Happy Birthday Kaitlyn! You look so grown up and I am VERY impressed by the birthday cake!

And Quinn looks so BIG and so happy.

You guys are all doing so well, and I am sure that Corinne is smiling down on the entire family right now.

Jennifer said...

I can't get over how much Quinn looks like Kaitlyn as a baby!! They are almost identical!

Happy birthday Miss Kaiti! I loved your pictures and it looks like you had soo much fun at your party!!

Kristin said...

I second what Jennifer said.. Quinn and K look sooooo similar.

Gorgeous pics :-) I love the princess get up with the tutu, the beads and the balloon - looks like my monkey without a need to celebrate!

Sophie said...

That Quinn is certainly becoming quite the bruiser!

Just Me said...

Ok, I'm a stranger and this is sort of not related to anything, but I HAD to tell you this. I'm shopping on for danskos, and right beside one another are "twin" shoes--one Caitlin and one Corrine. They are variations on the same clog.

Pretty neat huh?

Kim said...

How awesome to see Kaitlyn sitting at a table with her peers eating snack. Whoever thought that was possible? She continues to be a miracle every day.

Jennifer said...

I've found it amazing with my 'older' #2 also.

She's colicy - spends nearly every night screaming her head off. She's got reflux and spits up alot.

But... she's not a preemie (well, 2 days shy of full term, close enough) and she's doing all the normal baby things.

I'll never complain - others tell me how hard we have it with her but I think its great. Anything is better than spending weeks/months in the NICU and everything that follows... seriously. I'll take 3 just like Daria than have to do Arianna's rough beginning again.

Love the pictures - he's changed so much in just a few weeks. Baby smiles really are contagious! hehe

Anonymous said...

Kaitlyn and Quinn are not looking alike at all! Quinn has very strong personality as a baby, Kaitlyn looks kind of careless but she is pretty.
Cornie was a very beautiful baby,she looked vey much like Brian.Kaitlyn and Quinn don't look alike, neither they look like any of their parents.