Monday, November 10, 2008

Baby Carrier


I have a baby bjorn Active that I'm starting to not really like (as Quinn is now 11 pounds, more on that soon), I've heard the Ergo is the way to go....

anyone have experience with this carrier that is a lot like the Ergo?

Lillebaby EveryWear Carrier


Christy said...

I haven't used that one, but I do have the Ergo, and they are very close to the same price-- I love my Ergo.. Although, my 17 month old isn't always crazy about it.. But, my 3 1/2 year old likes to ride in it.,, LOL

Ann Robinson Poe said...

I LOVE the lillebaby EveryWear. Several friends in my mom’s group have Ergo and Babybjorn carriers but we all agree that the EveryWear was the best one! A few things that makes this a better carrier.

The baby can face FORWARD (very important!!).
The fabric is very soft and not bulky (the Ergo fabric is really rough)
Very light .It weighs nothing.
You can use it from day one.

Summary would be that is does what the Ergo does and the Babybjorn, but it looks so much nicer (than the Ergo – I think the Babybjorn looks very nice).

My pregnant friend just returned her carrier and bought the lille baby one instead.

Pee Gee said...

Verrrry interesting! I am sold.

Anonymous said...

Another feature the EveryWear has is an adjustable seat support for the inward and outward facing positions. When inward facing your baby needs additional hip and leg support that the Bjorn just doesn't offer (and as previously mentioned, the Ergo doesn't work outward facing at all). The EveryWear is really an amazing carrier. I wish it had been around when my 28 week twins were little -they are almost 4 now. I am using it primarily as a hip and back carrier for my 15 month old and LOVE it!

Carol said...

I have used both Bjorn and Ergo carriers. Found Ergo carriers as perfect solution and am using it from last 6 months for my sweet little baby girl.