Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The kids are sick :(

We are now in the midst of our 2nd cold of the season..

Kaitlyn came down with a runny nose on monday and now Quinn has it too. Today however, Kaitlyn is not doing well. Always something to remind me that I do have a "former" micro preemie with BPD (lung disease). Kaitlyn never cries. Really, hardly ever. She falls all the time, skins her knees, but barely breaks a whimper.

BUT, today, she is really crying, is having trouble breathing and we are back to doing breathing treatments. For a bit after her nap when all the crude settled in her chest/head, I thought we might end up in the PICU (Side-note: next to her friend Morgie who is there currently for her 7th time or so and her mom (lisa had major surgery yesterday). Thankfully after the albuterol she is a bit better so we are staying home for now.

It's ironic that I was just telling Brian the other day how lucky we were that Kaitlyn's only hospital visits since leaving the NICU were 1) to have her gtube inserted and 2) when she fell off the cliff on her 2nd birthday and we went to the ER.

Pool little Quinn kept me up last night as his sniffles started and he didn't sleep much (nor did I!)


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that. Hope they feel better soon.
Take care.

dcj said...

I'll keep my fingers crossed that Kaitlyn "shakes" whatever bug she has. Julia had RSV for the first time and was in the hospital for five days.


hlsst7 said...

Hi. I just got caught up on your blog and hope the kiddos feel better soon. I wanted to make a suggestion regarding pumping/nursing. I pumped for my daughter for a full year, so I have a ton of experience. If you want Quinn to learn to suckle and not get frustrated, may I humbly suggest a SNS (supplemental nursing system)? It is a bottle you wear around your neck. A little tube connected to the bottle is taped to your breast/nipple. You put the baby to the breast and the milk comes out fast. I bet he would get the hang of nursing if you used it for a week. Anyways, it is something to think about. Medela makes the SNS and your hospital lactation dept. may have them in stock. It is used by adoptive moms to simulate breastfeeding for their babies.

tbonegrl said...

I hope they feel better. We just started daycare and we've had a rough time of it.

Susanna said...

hi Liz,

thank you so much for your prompt replies to my questions on Preemie Blog Mom-- really really helpful. I'm going to get that cream for excema tomorrow. I'm looking forward to reading your blog! Hope Kaitlyn feels better soon. I love the name Quinn!