Saturday, November 01, 2008

some early Halloween Pictures

At the NICU Annual Halloween Reunion Party. Brian was working, but was able to come by for a very brief visit to see his children at the NICU reunion party. This is a pic with his fire engine crew, after about 5 minutes, they got a call and had to leave.

Quinn in his ghost onsie (from Grandma Corinne)
Kaitlyn and Quinn on the couch before the NICU party. Kaitlyn doesn't much like sitting next to Quinn (she gets upset when he cries)

Today, at Kaitlyn's preschool Halloween party. Quinn was dressed as a very cute and cuddly pumpkin.

Today, in front of our community fire house (not brian's). The preschool kids had a mini-parade to the firehouse to trick-or-treat. Kaitlyn is a pink poodle.

Kaitlyn's preschool class

Getting treats from the fire-house

Kaitlyn with Nurse Mari at the NICU reunion party

Kaitlyn chowing down on Halloween cake at the NICU party. The party was very loud and overwhelming for Kaitlyn. I think this will be our last time at the NICU reunion. BY the time I got the kids packed up drove to the city, it just wasn't worth it to see 1 NICU doc and Nurse. I didn't know anyone else and there were hundreds of families there. I really, really wish our NICU did a better job of helping families reconnect. Compared to the reunions of my micro friends, ours just does a horrible job.

Kaitlyn, Quinn and Mom at the NICU reunion.

Kaitlyn sitting listening to the music lady at the twins party last saturday. She was crazy, running around, so it was nice for mom to have her sit still for a few minutes. I love going to the twins club, as I know so many of the moms and they were so excited to meet Quinn.

Kaitlyn at the twins club party

Twins club

Kaitlyn with the clown at the twins party
Princess Kaitlyn, mom and ghost Quinn at the twins party

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stevenjared0853 said...

Aww! Look at these cuties! I have also planned something like this for my daughter’s birthday for which I have also shortlisted some rental spaces for parties. I will soon finalize one and then do exactly like this. I am sure all the kids would love it.