Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Great website for evaluating Greenness of products

I saw a segment about this website on the news last night regarding It lists all kinds of products and gives you a rating of these products based on health performance (any toxins it contains), environmental performance, and social performance. It lists any neurotoxicants, endocrine disruptors, skin or respiratory irritants, carcinogens, and list biodiversity policies of the company. It also lists the package ingredients, analyzed ingredients, things to consider, the company that makes it, a link for contacting them, give pricing, ranking in that product category among total items, list alternative items and their ranks, and most popular items. Membership to the site is free. They are also rolling out access via cell phone where you can put in the barcode number (SKU#) of the product while you are shopping to access this information while shopping. Very useful.

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mommycupcake said...

Hi Liz,

This site is a great safety guide to cosmetics and personal care products: