Monday, December 08, 2008

Happy Meal!

It's now 2 weeks post Thanksgiving, and I still haven't posted a Thanksgiving update!
I'm from the Los Angeles area originally so we drove down as a family. This was my 2nd drive to LA in 2 months, and we are going again for Christmas. I guess I'm making up for lost time, as with Kaitlyn's feeding/vomiting issues before, driving was a nightmare.

Now we can stop and get her a happy meal! Wow. That's such a crazy (stupid) big deal for me. I wanted to be one of those parents who fed their kids the healthiest of food. Now I'm rejoicing about Happy Meals! Isn't life ironic?

We had a lovely Thanksgiving. This year Kaitlyn got to actually EAT dinner, as opposed to my putting it in a blender and giving it to her via feeding tube! She loved the pumpkin pie, that seemed to be her favorite. Turkey is still a bit tough (as is any meat) as it takes forever for her to chew it. She's still working on the whole chewing thing.

The funniest thing that I'm finding with a child that eats, is that I'm forgetting what a night-mare my life was just months ago. It's starting to feel a lot more what motherhood should be like (I think? as I don't know what "normal" mother hood is). It wasn't all that long ago that I posted my plea for help with Kaitlyn's vomiting. I don't know when she last vomited. It's really, really weird how easy it is to forget.

Good-news on Kaitlyn's Tubey-tube site: It's closing very nicely, She is NOT going to need surgery to close the site! Hooray!

Our big news to report:
We went to Disneyland on Saturday after thanksgiving and of course I cried. This was something I had imagined from the moment I got pregnant finally with IVF. I so wanted to be a mom. Now here I was with my miracle little girl watching it all through her eyes. This is what motherhood is all about to me. Watching the little things trough a child's eyes.

I wasn't exactly sure how Kaitlyn would handle it, it's a lot of overwhelming stimulation, but she did really, really well. Of course she didn't nap and it was a very long day, but all in all, I'm so glad we went. She wasn't all that excited over the characters (she was more interested in mickey's nose for example and Tinkerbell's tights then the character themselves) but I had so much fun watching her!

Of course Brian caught a bit of it on video, we'll see if I can edit it and post it. (my tears at watching Kaitlyn)

Brian and I got an amazing night away on Saturday! This is the first time we spent away from children since we went to the Dominican Republic about a year after the twins were born. It was much too quick, but it was nice to get a night of sleep! It was for Brian's SFFD Station Christmas party up in Sonoma. Wish it was a full 24 hours away! Oh well.

Here are some pictures from Disneyland and over the last few busy weeks:

Thanksgiving at my mothers house (Rich (my step-dad) my mom Corinne, Kaitlyn, me, Brian, my brother Gary and his girlfriend Jamye.

A local moms group (Ross Valley Mothers Club) Christmas party this Saturday, decorating an ornament.

Eating Pumpin pie on Thanksgiving with Grandma Corinne

RVMC Christmas party (sadly, when Kaitlyn smiles for the camera, it looks more like a grimmace!)

Kaitlyn actually EATING her christmas cookie after decorating this year! (Last year mom got to eat them all!)
Quinn's getting big!

Katilyn had to get back in her bumbo seat!

Kaitlyn and dad at dad's hockey game (San Francisco Fire Department hockey team)

Grandma Corinne and Quinn

Kaitlyn intently watching the Disneyland Christmas parade

Brian and Liz out for Brian's SFFD Station party in Sonoma

Kaitlyn and Tinkerbell

Upon arrival at Disneyland, mom, Dad, Kaitlyn and Minnie Mouse! (K wouldn't let go of the entrance tickets, she's much more interested in the tickets than in Minnie Mouse!)

Kaitlyn, mom, Uncle Gary and Jayme on Mainstreet, decorated for Christmas!

with Goofy!

Uncle Gary and Liz in front of the Matterhorn

Dad and Kaitlyn on the old-school fire engine (K still has her tickets)

Dad and Kaitlyn on Autopia

The Tinkerbell grotto (it was VERY hard to get K to settle down for a picture)

a few days ago on our street. Kaitlyn has had this used Barbie jeep for quite some time now, but it wasn't until our neighors son (Stephan) started driving it that Kaitlyn became interested.


Kristin said...

Wonderful pics Liz..

So glad to hear tubey tube is healing up nicely and that, dare we say it, you're vomit free? Woohoo

I hope you had a nice holiday with your family and early Merry Christmas to all of yours. :-)

Anonymous said...

I think Kaitlyn's smiles are looking great these days, actually. She seems to be smiling a lot more, and they look very cute to me.