Thursday, December 04, 2008

RSV and Synagis

Kaitlyn is Sick AGAIN. This is the 2nd time in a month. They always go into her lungs and she gets a horrible cough. Of course I seem to have caught it again too. sigh....Poor thing, she has had horrible poops since she was last on antibiotics and has pooped 5 times every day. Her little bottom is raw and red, oh her tears break my heart!

This was to be her last week at school and she can't even go! I'm so sad, I wanted there to be some completion for her as to her last day, now she won't even get to say good-bye to the other kids/teachers. Makes me sad!

This is Kaitlyn's first winter without getting Synagis (palivizumab ), which is not a vaccination but a prophylaxis which can lessen the severity of RSV.

Synagis is incredibly expensive. Depending upon the weight of the baby, it's anywhere from $1,000 - over $3,000 a month! Yes a month!

Although I can’t believe it, our insurance has approved Synagis for Quinn! Yes he is a preemie and he has mild BPD (bronchopulmonary dysplasia) due to his lung issues while he was in the NICU. I’m actually really relieved that he’s going to get Synagis, as even healthy babies can get RSV and it can be deadly. It’s a horrible virus. Babies with preschool age children at home are more at risk. For those readers who weren’t aware of RSV, be careful!. Wash your hands as much as possible. RSV season is upon us again. (more on RSV below).

Quinn got his first shot last month and is going in for his 2nd shot tomorrow. The bummer is that I have to subject him to a monthly shot. Poor little guy. As he was crying hysterically in my arms all I could think of was all that Kaitlyn had been through and I wanted to tell him, “hey little man, this is nothing compared to what your sister’s been through.” But I can’t tell him that and I can’t treat him that way in the future either. I'll have to remember that.

Here are some RSV facts from the CDC website on RSV:

-Almost all children will be infected with RSV by their second birthday.
-RSV causes respiratory illness in infants and young children, and is the most important cause of bronchiolitis.

-When infants and children are exposed to RSV for the first time, 25% to 40% of them have signs or symptoms of bronchiolitis or pneumonia, and 0.5% to 2% will require hospitalization. Most children hospitalized for RSV infection are under 6 months of age.

-Infants and children infected with RSV usually show symptoms within 4 to 6 days of infection.

-Most will recover in 1 to 2 weeks. However, even after recovery, infants and children can continue to spread the virus for 1 to 3 weeks.

-In the U.S., RSV infections generally occur during fall, winter, and early spring.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that Liz,hopefully Kaitlyn gets better soon. What season is left for having RSV?It's horrible to stay in USA.All neurological and physical diseases are all time high always!Good luck to Quinn!

Shannon and Carey said...

Oh Liz,
I am so sorry. I hope you all feel better soon. I am sorry Kaitlyn didn't get to say goodbye to her friends! Can you somehow get her on video to say goodbye or maybe the kids can say goodbye on video to Kaitlyn? Its a thought.
-Shannon in Austin

Anonymous said...

I sympathize. My daughter Julia started preschool in December and I think I lost count of the time she stayed at home with a fever. Practically every two weeks. Everyone says it's normal and that they have to build their immunity, but it sucks! Not only she is sick a lot, but everybody else at home gets sick, including her baby sister who has febrile seizures, so when she has a fever nobody sleeps....sometimes I wonder if my colleagues at work realize on how little sleep I am working (or not!) these days...Ciao

Mir said...

Our son had RSV at 11 weeks. FT, and we thought healthy, but he was sick for a month. It was awful. How wonderful Quinn is able to get Synagis! RSV isn't something to mess around with.

Tricia said...

Sorry Kaitlyn is sick and you happy Quinn is getting the synagis....great stuff....I've done RSv with two of my kids.....a full term 4 wk old and a 28 weeker at 13 months old...HORRIBLE stuff!
Thanks for pointing out teh "wash your hands" part....and reminding others to beware!