Sunday, December 04, 2005

Mom misses Kaitlyn incredibly....

Sunday 12/4/05

Well, I’m still sick. I have a terrible cough, but today I think it started improving. But a cough is not a good thing to take to the NICU. It’s been a week today! How can it be possible that I am a new mother and have not been able to see my own daughter for a whole week. It’s just killing me emotionally. But I know it’s the best thing for her (without a question), but it’s hard! Pumping has been especially difficult because I feel so crappy.

Today, as I said, I started feeling a bit better, and even went to a neighbors Christmas party, which has been only the 2nd time I’ve dressed up since my fateful July 26th. It felt strange, but nice to socialize.

Last night Brian and my mother-in-law visited Kaitlyn and they were able to bottle feed her again, this time she took in 15 cc’s (1/2 of her feed). They took some pictures, so once I get them I’ll post them.

If you can believe it, Kaitlyn is up to 3 pounds 7 ounces….that means she’s gained almost ½ a pound since I last saw her (which is a lot in a week)…I’m probably not going to recognize her. It took about 1.5 months to gain 1 pound, so this is a lot in about 2 weeks! I guess she really likes my milk finally! Good thing the hospital had a lot stored up already.

Today they tried switching Kaitlyn from the high-flow oxygen to the regular flow nasal cannula oxygen, but she wasn’t able to handle it very well (her oxygen saturation went down to 50%), so they switched her back to the high-flow….but she’s only at 1 liter of pressure, so hopefully soon they will try to switch her again.

That’s all I have to report for now….Hope I’ll get better soon so I can visit and hold and breast feed my daughter for the first time!

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