Saturday, January 21, 2006

Kaitlyn is 6 Pounds, It Must be My Milk!!

Well, Kaitlyn has hit the 6 pound mark! Hard to believe that my scrawnly little thing is now 6 pounds! And as of today, she's been moved into an actual crib (no longer the little plastic newborn crib). I'm going to bring a mobile in for her. She's now awake and alert (although I was there for 6 hours yesterday and she wasn't alert and awake until AFTER I left). This way she'll have somethin to look at in her crib rather than just laying there. It breaks my heart thant I can't be there every time she's alert. I want her to come home!!

I keep telling my little girl that if she only eats all her milk she can come (but she's not listening to me) :) I guess that starts early.

Some feeds she will now take her whole bottle (50 cc's) but then the next feed she may never wake it's still a waiting game - on HER schedule!

Ok, just so you understand what I've been doing for the last 3 months, here's a picture of our new 6 foot tall freezer! Yes, it's almost entirely full of my milk! My hard work 6-7 times a day, every day. I don't have much of a life away from my pump.

My biggest fear is a power outage! I think I would have an emotional break-down if that should happen.

I've figured out approx just how much milk this is:

There are 14 bottles in each zip lock bag.

The bottles can hold up to 4 ounces (but I'd say they are each filled to 3 ounces as an average).

14 bottles each bag

7 rows of bags
2 rows on each shelf
4 shelves (I've already almost filled up 1/2 the 5th shelf)
apporx 3 ounces per bottle

OK, that's over 2,300 OUNCES of my milk!!!! Wow. I feel like a cow. (Brian calls me his "Cash Cow" as Breast milk is VERY expensive to buy, over $4.00 an ounce - if I could/wanted to sell it (it's normally donated), that would be $10,000!)

You may ask why??? Well, until she comes home and we see how we can work out a breast feeding schedule along with my work and how she does, I don't want to donate any of my milk just yet. (I don't want to have to pump for ever, and with so much stored up I could start reducing pumping/breast feeding. As I do have to go back to work, this way Brian can feed her with my milk when I'm not around). I didn't want to make any cutbacks on my production until she's home so I can actually try to breast feed her.


JP said...

Way to pump, mom! Just wanted to pop in and encourage you to keep saving that milk. It looks like a lot now, but you'll be surprised how quickly it disappears. Our freezer was completely packed as well but I still ended up having to supplement with formula before the first year. And hang in there, she'll get there with the eating. :)

Sarah said...

I love freezer pics... I took one when we got our deep freeze, too! I used to fear a power outage, but those things are so well-insulated that the milk would be ok even if the power went out for a day or two, as long as you didn't open it.

Eat Kaitly, eat! :^D

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz: You may/may not remember me, I'm the twins mom who brought you one lousy set of meals back in Sept and then got caught up in all of my 'stuff' and haven't been able to get up your way since. I have, however, been a diligent reader/fan of your blog, logging late at night when things finally settle down around here. You and your family have been in my thoughts and prayers for months now as I follow the growth of Kaitlyn and your healing. One of your recent entries asked to 'check in' and identify ourselves, so here I am! I am hoping to get up your way soon, I've been collecting some things for you and Kaitlyn and want to drop them off soon. I've kept your contact info (I think we exchanged vmails a while back too) and will continue to be in touch.

All my best, Maria Kallmeyer

Suzanne Gogna said...

Fantastic! That is amazing! I pumped A LOT too and our freezer was full of milk--but not THAT much! You are a remarkable, dedicated mom and Kaitlyn is SO lucky to have you and all your milk too!

Kan said...

Wow, you are amazing!! A friend who pumps all of her baby's milk sent me a link to your blog. Boy, am I impressed. I'll never complain again about pumping 3 days a week. I hope you get to bring Kaitlyn home soon. Your family sounds wonderfully strong, best of luck.

Kristin said...

Way to go! A word of advice, though...that looks like a frost-free freezer. That means that the walls (and floor and ceiling) periodically "heat up" so that frost doesn't accumulate. That can do bad things to frozen milk that is in contact with the walls and floor of the freezer. Try putting styrofoam sheets or something between the milk and the walls to prolong the life of that precious fluid!