Friday, January 27, 2006

Back to the Main NICU

It's not bad news, it's just that our NICU is low on preemies right now, so they didn't have enough babies in the smaller NICU room (where Kaitlyn has been for over a month now), which means we had to go back to the main NICU. I hate being there, as it is so much louder and busier than our little area.

Kaitlyn is still being her finicky self, eating full bottles only on occasion.
Kaitlyn still doesn't cry: Here's what I found on the internet regarding her paralyzed vocal cord:
When Kaitlyn breathes, she often makes sort of low wheezing sounds, but it is most likely caused from her one paralyzed cord, as the air goes in and out over it.
My friend Bernadette from Ventura came to visit Kaitlyn on Sunday. I didn't have my ditital camera with me unfortunately, so no pictures. I hadn't seen Bern in 4 years! Bern is also a new mommie to a 1 year old daughter.

Here are a few new pictures:

Mom holding Kaitlyn tight yesterday

Yes, I did get a hair cut , everyone comments that Kaitlyn looks like me, I personally think she looks more like Brian, but she definitely has my coloring. I'm not going to miss all those monitors behind me.

When I showed up one day, Kaitlyn's nurse had propped up her Lizard, very cute.

The nurses love to comment on how pink Kaitlyn is, not only her vast array of preemie clothes, but how "pink" she is! Good and healthy looking. Sooooo different from when she was first born. She's wearing her mittens to keep her hands away from her NG tube.

"I want to come home!"

This is a picture of Kaitlyn's NICU twin. Little Ethyn (well, not so little any more, he's almost 10 pounds!) has had even a longer NICU stay than Kaitlyn. We've become good friends with Ethyn's parents, Jenny and Phil. They lost Ethyn's twin brother. I like to say that Ethyn and Katilyn are each other's twins now, and jokingly say that they look exactly alike! (Interesting that we both spelled our babies names with a "Y"). Ethyn's and Kaitlyn's cribs were separated by a low wall (in the smaller NICU), Jenny and I would sit in gliders holding our babies , we would lean back to see beyond the wall to chat with one another. Life in the NICU. Currentlly Ethyn and Kaitlyn are the 2 long-timers in the NICU. The entire NICU staff cheers for our babies to go home.


Anne S (from said...


Ky makes a wheezing sound when she breathes, she has since birth. She has Stridor (sophisticated name: Laryngomalacia)

I eventually found it comforting (if you can say comforting) cause I always knew she was breathing.


julie deruvo said...

Hi Liz,
Sorry that you guys had to move, hopefully the next move she makes will be one to San Rafael! :)

We are all still recovering from being sick --- so someday (hopefully soon) we will be able to connect up! :)

Take care of yourself!

Amy said...

"The entire NICU staff cheers for our babies to go home."

And so do your friends inside the computer. Brayden wheezes when he breathes because he has tracheomalacia (he had a restricted trachea and esophagus due to a dual aortic arch). They say he'll outgrow it.

Also, there is a set of twins (5 years old) who attend my school, and one of the little boys has a paralyzed vocal chord as a result of extended time on the ventilator. Through extensive speech therapy, he sounds almost normal when he talks--just a little hoarse sounding, but certainly audible and easily understood.

Kimberly said...

I can't believe how big Kaitlyn is getting she does have great coloring and I have to say she looks like Brian, I love your new haircut and I will keep praying that she comes home soon.

Anonymous said...

Liz and Brain-Each picture of Kaitlyn is cuter than the next! I think she looks like you Liz! She is just plain cute and those eyes! I am looking forward to the day when she can go home! Nancy

Anonymous said...

Love the new pictures! She looks so big and healthy! Makes me miss when mine were preemie as ODD as that might sound. So cute and it goes SO FAST. She really looks like a little Snuggle Bunny in all that Pink! I know you just can't wait to have her home and hold all the time whenever you want without the drive!
All the best!
Lisa Haugen

Libra Litrou said...

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