Monday, January 16, 2006

When it rains it pours

You may remember I've mentioned our doggie is sick...well after more tests and more x-rays, the vet has determined that she probably does have a blockage intestionally and has to have surgery. Her surgery will be tomorrow (tuesday 1/17) in the afternoon.

Please pray for our 12 year old doggie, Kailan. I don't think we could handle loosing her right now.

These pictures are a few years old, she's lost at least 10-15 pounds since she's been sick.

Today Kaitlyn didn't do as well as the last two days feeding (where I was able to get her to nipple (suck from a bottle) 55 cc's (almost 2 ounces). She needs to be taking a MINIMUM of 2 ounces per feed (6x a day) for us to really start planning her homecoming. Today she took only 20cc's :(

On a brighter note, Kaitlyn is, however, 1 ounce away from weiging 6 pounds!


Anonymous said...

HI Liz and Bri,

It was great to see you and meet my adorable niece. I hope that little Kailyn is doing well and recovering from surgey. Thanks for the visit! Take care and I will be thinking of you! love, Elissa

ericah64 said...

Hi, Liz. We met at the SAND meeting at the end of December. Glad to hear Kaitlyn is off the oxygen! That's terrific! Hey, I hear you met my friends Janet & Tia. What a small world! Email me any time....