Monday, April 03, 2006

More sad news

With all the morning's vomit I forgot to mention our new sad news, on top of getting and learning the pump and dealing with huge amounts of vomit on Saturday, we also learned that Brian's grandfather had taken a bad turn for the worse and was likely to pass away soon.

On Sunday morning, his grandfather, Edward McCarthy Sr passed away. He was 88 years old. He lived in Pennsylvania, near Brian's parents in Pittsburgh. Brian's grandpa used to attend Brian's hockey games when he was little and Brian misses him terribly.

We are doing all we can to get Brian to Pittsburgh for the funeral this coming Friday, which means that I'm on vomit patrol soley on my own.

I may have mentioned in the past, but one of our favorite nurses for Katilyn in the NICU was Rose from Brazil, and she has so generously offered to come to our home and help me out while Brian is away if she can get some shift trades at work. I don't think anyone else can help if they don't have nursing skills or at least know how to operate a feeding pump.


Amy said...

What an angel you've found in Rose. My condolences to your husband and his family.

HHH said...

Im sorry to hear about her throwing up so much. We had the same problem with Hallie for a long time but it was kinda "all of a sudden" she got all better. The throwing up can get so stressful. Hallie doesnt throw up anymore but she still doesnt gain weight... that is stressful too. Halle Grace (JP's daughter) throws up about every feed, still... but she gains weight and is thriving in every area. Hopefully Kaitlyn will continue her development, that is the most important thing. Ill keep you in my prayer's, I know how stressful your times are right now....Think positive, it does get better! Is she is pain with her reflux?

Anonymous said...

Liz & Brian,

I'm soo sorry to hear about Brian's grandfather and that Kaitlyn is still throwing up. Hang in there and you all are in my prayers.


Anonymous said...

Liz, I haven't read the blog in awhile and am so sorry to hear about all the frustration with Kaitlyn's eating. She's so amazing and strong.

Send all our love to Brian and his family. Sorry to hear about your loss.

Also, we loved the baby announcemtn and have Katie's picture on the fridge. Everytime Charlotte walks by she says "isn't she beautiful?"

We miss you. Love, Whitney

liz.mccarthy said...

Hi Michelle F - I keep trying to email you, but you must have changed your email address.. .send me an email with your new email addy if you get the chance!