Thursday, April 20, 2006

New Kaitlyn Pictures

With the warm weather, I was finally able to dress Kaitlyn in some of her great new outfits from friends. This outfit was from my mom's employees down in Southern California! Thank you JFF!

I took this picture today! The girls hung out when dad was at work.

Kaitlyn got a bath today (sorry the pic is a bit blurry), but I thought you might like to see her g-tube in her tummy.

Here is the feeding tube attached to the g-tube, sticking out of Kaitlyn's clothes. It's not attached to the food in this picture. When we feed her, we connect the feeding bag (that's connected to a pump and hanging on an IV pole), open the clamps (it's white) and start pumping.

Kaitlyn out for dinner! Yes, we went to the city last weekend to try out the new pump that allows us to pump without gravity, meaning the food bag doesn't have to be hung over the pump. Kaitlyn was quite curious about dad's mustache.

She's "talking" in this picture, not smiling, even though it looks like it.

Yeah, dad's mustache is now gone, this was on easter sunday.

Kaitlyn on easter sunday in her new BOB jogging stroller, the stroller was one of the wonderful gifts from all the realtors in my office.


Michelle Flannagan said...

Liz- I love that new outfit, she looks great. That stroller is so cool! I hope you get lots of use out of it. I love the birth announcement, it is so well done, and very touching. Take care, Michelle

Cath said...

Isn't she just adorable.
I found your blog through another preemie blog.
I too have a preemie, a 28wkr. Whilst we don't have a feeding tube we had an NG tube for 21 months and still battle daily with feeds and speech.
Hugs to you all!

SXYMMA said...

Hi! You don't know me....I searched for micropreemie blogs and came across yours. I also had a micropreemie back in August!! He was born at 26 weeks, 6 days and weighed only 1lb, 4oz! Anyways...visit my blog if you want to see pictures or whatever. I'll bookmark your page if you don't mind!

Tonya said...

Hi there :) I'm new to your blog as well. and wanted to say your daughter is beautiful!! I am also a preemie mum to a daughter born 12 weeks early.. She has undergone surgery among many other battles and is doing very well. I look forward to reading your updates!!