Thursday, April 27, 2006

Take your daughter to work Day!!!

Brian called me this morning from work, saying he was sent to the fireboat for the day and would I like to come in and bring Kaitlyn and take a ride on the fireboat for take your daughter to work day!!!

Absolutely! Spring is finally here, and I haven't done anything fun for so long (remember yesterday's post?). Well here are a few pictures from the day........

Kaitlyn operating the fire hose. She's holding on tight! (A fellow fireman's grand daughter in the background)

Kaitlyn wearing dad's helmet.

Liz wearing dad's helmet and turn-outs (fire jacket).

Ok, isn't this what a fire helmet is supposed to be used for?

Kaitlyn steering the fireboat (well, the fire captain in the background is helping a bit!)

Kaitlyn with his dad the fireman at work on the fireboat.

Dad's wearing a FDNY shirt.

Liz and Brian in front of the transamerica building out on the bay. What a beautiful day (finally!)

The fireboat. SFFD has 2.

Afterwards, I took Katilyn for a walk down on the piers to the ferry building. It was time for her to eat and so this was the first attempt at feeding on the go. Her feeding pump is in the small black bag, you can see the tubing lead down to her; I think the adventure on the boat tuckered her out.

Yes, I'm sad. Remember yesterday I said that her right eye is becoming lazy....we'll here's proof of it. Not all the time. But when she does it (more often in the last few days), it's just terrible. Another doctore appointment to schedule.


Melissa W said...

Liz, She is getting so darn cute!!!!!!!! Its miricles we have isn't it!!!!!!!!
lots of love, melissa

JP said...

What a fun day! I'm glad you all got out. BTW- we've been at least one feed "on the go" every day now that Halle is mobile. I plop her in the stroller, hang the pump backpack from the stroller with those link things, and we're off on a nice walk. It sure is nice to have that change of routine!

David said...

What a cute little girl! You must be so proud. Some close friends of mine just had a 1lb 4oz preemie 2-1/2 weeks ago, and your story certainly offers a lot of hope. Their story is here.

Thanks for you post and the nice photos!

Tonya said...

She is gorgeous!! You will have to keep us updated when you get her eye checked out. I remember some mums going through the same thing on my preemie board but the eye straightened out on its own. I hope this is the case with your little miracle!!

Anonymous said...

Baby Kaitlyn is gorgeous. You are very blessed. We are all thinking of you. And thank god Brian shaved that mustache. I thought we were in some 70s time warp...anyone up for The Hustle. Give your angel a kiss!

Julie DeRuvo said...

Hi Liz,
It looks like you guys had such a fun time with Brian at work! I am SOO happy you were able to get out and enjoy the nice weather! Let me know when we can have another visit. I owe you another meal! ;o)

I'll be sending you lots of good thoughts for your race tomorrow. I know you will do great!

Michelle Flannagan said...

Liz- those are great pics. I love the one of Miss Kaitlyn and Brian together on the boat. I'm glad you found a place where you can leave her with confidence for a break. If anyone needs it, it's you guys.
I know how frustrating the feeding issues can be, and our issues were not as bad as yours (she ate by mouth during the day). Hang in there :) Michelle

Sarah said...

She's getting chubby cheeks! I love it! :^D

We saw a little dude at our WalkAmerica today getting a gravity feed from a bottle hung on the umbrella of his radioflyer wagon. It was a pretty sweet setup, I thought. Glad you were able to make it work on the go - it'll be nice for you to be able to get a change of scenery and still be able to deal with feeds!

David said...

Thanks for posting on Baby Alicia's website, you offer a special and unique perspective as a preemie parent, and I your kind words are most appreciated!

And I also wanted to say, the fireboat pictures are so great - it's the storybook-perfect version of visiting Daddy at work!

Anonymous said...

Keith and I think of you, Brian and Kaitlyn very often, we send prays to all of you, everything sounds so difficult, but she is beautiful, so just keep your chin up.

Jenny said...

Hey Liz. I just wanted to tell you that, the little clip that says graco on it on kaitlyn's car seat is supposed to go up to her chest. Otherwise, the belt will have slack and can increase the risks.