Friday, March 16, 2007

Helping to Save Babies - asking for your support.

It's hard to believe that Kaitlyn has been home with us for over 13 months now and is just about walking on her own. It seems like just yesterday that we decided to walk and raise funds for Premature Birth Prevention with the March of Dimes. This year our daughter will be able to walk on her own (well at least a few feet!)

We will be definitely walking again this year and I once again asking for your support in helping me raise money for this great organization.

Did you know that it is due to the research efforts of the March of Dimes that Surfactant is now used and given to premature babies to help their lungs? It's likely that without the efforts of MOD that my daughter Katilyn wouldn't be here with us today. Sadly, surfactant was used on Corinne too, but because she had gone so long without amniotic fluid her lungs just weren't strong enough to survive.

I'm asking for lots of help:

1. If you live in the Bay area and would like to join our family team on the walk, please let me know! We'd love to walk as a group, or with other local preemie families.

2. Are you artistic or a graphic designer? I'd love to have t-shirts in honor of my beautiful daughters for all those who choose to walk wiht us - but my artistic skills are quite lacking - I'd love to have you help us with a t-shirt design! (I'll send you a finished one of course as a thank-you if we choose your design).

3. Lastly, if you can, we'd love if you could donate to the March of Dimes to support and walk in honor of our beautiful twin daughters, Kaitlyn Elizabeth and Corinne Margaret. Last year, with just 2 weeks notice, I set a goal of raising $1,000 and I quickly doubled that amount! This year, I've set the bar higher and am hoping to raise at least $2,500.

The mission of the March of Dimes is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality. Did you know that premature birth is the leading cause of new born death in the first month of life? It affects 1,305 babies a day in the United States. Those who survive may have lifelong health problems. And premature births are on the rise -- up to 27% since 1981.

That is why I am asking you to support me in March of Dimes WalkAmerica. Because premature birth can happen to any pregnant woman. In nearly half the cases, the causes are unknown. The March of Dimes is leading the way to find answers by supporting research into the causes of premature birth. I am joining the fight, and so can you.

Your support helps fund:
-Research into stress and other factors that may trigger preterm labor.
-Programs to educate pregnant women to recognize the warning signs of preterm labor.
-Tools to help health care providers find better ways to detect women who may be at risk for preterm labor.

Please join in and help fight prematurity. Visit my webpage and sponsor me in the Walk that saves babies!

Thank You!


Here's the link to make a donation online or to register to walk with our family team:

San Francisco March of Dimes Walk details:
4/28/2007 9:00 AM - The Airfield at Crissy Field, San Francisco
Across from Stilwell Hall
Mason St and Crissy Field Ave


Laura said...

much luck to you!
we will be representing at the modesto walk that day and walking two weeks later with our team daniel in tracy where daniel is one of the ambassadors.
last year we aised $1200 which was so exciting. we have doubled our goal this year too. even more exciting is that this year daniel will actually be walking and he is collecting pledges too. i can't wait.
much luck to your team. everyone in the bay area needs to support and walk with team kaitlyn and corinne!

Mir said...

Hmm...what do you have in mind for the t-shirts? My Web site is a terrible indicator of my skills, but it's only because I have two rug rats running around.

If I can't be of help, I'm certain I can find someone who is, seeing as I work in the field (yeah, please don't judge a designer by her site. :-)).


Momma Monkey said...

Good Luck !!

Out goal this year is only 1000$, but every little bit helps !!

Cindy said...

You don't know me, but I have been following your blog for some time. I was inspired to give the T-shirt art a try. You can link to it here. This is my basic idea, but I can change colors, fonts, etc. however you want it.

You can find my email address on my Blogger profile page.

Best wishes to you and your family.

Shannon and Carey said...

We're walking in Austin!
Only $215.00 raised so far but hey that's a start! I gotta start bugging people hard real soon! I think I'll post some stuff at our garage sale. Cant wait to see pic of the walk.
Be well,
PS: I want to dedicate our walk to Corinne. Any ideas you have? I was thinking of putting her name on something. Maybe a hat with some flowers.