Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Walking videos

I'd recommend viewing the following walking videos in order (scroll down and watch the ones I posted first, first). That will show has Katilyn's walking skills have increased dramatically over the last few weeks and since she's gotten her glasses.


Kristin said...

Liz, these are wonderful! Kaitlyn looks SO grown up with those glasses and her walking! WOW. Way to go missy! And good job with the juice box and stars too!

Hard to believe that the time has flown by so much and she has changed so much....

Thanks again for sharing!

Kristin said...

Kaitlyn is looking like such a big girl when she is walking with her glasses on. She looks so happy!

Glad to see she is trying some foods for you, even if it is only a little. We started with the puffs with Kylin also, and now she tries lots of other things too.

Sorry you have been having some tough days, hope things continue to improve this week. Hang in there! That tough stuff is helping your daughter! You are a wonderful Mommy!

yp said...

Oh Liz, I am so sorry for the trying times you have had - your melt donsounded perfectly reasonable to me, and was in fact evidence of how strong you are. I guess in a way it's not strength - it's comitment and integrity to do what you have to , to see it through no matter what. Congratulations on your nanny! What a wonderful addition to your family! And I loved the videos of Katilyn! Seeing her smile and seeing her walk is just priceless..... I love seeing the first video, how her stride is uncertain and her arms are raised high - what a precious doll! best to you and your family always- continue being great! Yuka

Momma Monkey said...

What an amazing difference her glasses make !! Now that she can see she can interact !!

Wow, just WOW !!

Miracles said...

Oh she is just so adorable, I love her little girly girl glasses.

Michelle Flannagan said...

Liz- it's been awhile since I checked the blog, but it is so great to see Miss Kaitlyn walking and enjoying her "meal". I know how exciting that can be just to see them eat a little bit. I remember going through the same thing with Anna.

I'm glad you found a Nanny that you are thrilled with, it's such a hard choice to want to work, and be with your child. I know what you mean by having work be an escape from feeding tubes, vomit and everything else. I used to cherish my hour long commutes, because it was my only alone time I would have that day. Take care, Michelle

p.s. love the styling specs!