Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Kaitlyn had a terrible lung infection

I’ve got to start on my taxes, so I have to keep this short.

Kaitlyn actually became very sick last week with a respiratory infection. This was our first really bad bug that went directly into her lungs, and it certainly reinforced to me that she does have Chronic Lung Disease. She started coughing one night and by the next day, it was horrible, wet thick coughs. I started her on inhaled Abuteral treatments as soon as she started coughing, but by the 3rd day, it was so bad we went to the doctor and Kaitlyn was put on oral steroids. They didn’t seem to be doing much until her 2nd dose when by the afternoon she started sounding much, much better.

We dont' know what it was, she was swabbed for RSV, but we don't have the results back yet.

I thought for a while that she might have to go the ER, but thankfully that was averted.

Unfortunately all the phlegm and much created her to have horrendous vomiting issues, and she lost an entire pound of weight. She had been so close to 20 pounds for a month or so and now she weighs only 19 pounds. Every pound has been such a success for us that this is very disappointing.

Of course Kaitlyn got sick when she did – she must have inherently known that mom, dad and Kaitlyn were going to go on their first real trip together (since going to LA last November) up to Tahoe, and mom and dad were going to take turns skiing. Once Kaitlyn started improving, Brian really wanted me to go on my own to Tahoe, as he’s had quite a few fun trips up to the mountains, so I ended up going to Tahoe last Thursday – Saturday.

I had a great wonderful time, I got 2 days of skiing in and went to a concert at Squaw Valley to see Donovan Frankenreiter (a singer that sounds a lot like Jack Johnson). I had a great time, and of course this incredible spring weather has set in so I skied in practically a t-shirt on Saturday!

Kaitlyn is taking many, many steps unassisted now, but still prefers to walk with walls/furniture or my assistance. She is so cute learning to walk, she holds up her hands and toddles about (hence the name toddler that I understand now) like a drunken sailor.

She’s also taking a tiny bit my mouth (we had quite the setback with the illness) but are starting to move forward again now. She’s actually sipping juice out of a juice box/straw, and today ate almost an entire star (like a cheerio but dissolves quicker).

However, what usually happens as soon as she gets anything in her mouth, her very active gag kicks in and we loose everything that we just pushed into her belly – very frustrating especially with her recent weight loss.

But I can attribute the recent interest in food (I’m hoping) to her diet change – as we are continuing the Blenderized Diet – which is real flood in a super-duper blender.

That’s it for my update today.

I’m working on putting together some walking videos.


Kristin said...

Ugh, I'm sorry she's been sick. We've been sick over the weekend and now I'm sick, so I've been trying to be an 'arm's length' mom for the past day or so so as not to get her sicker.
Our feeding issues are slowly resolving, I'm sorry Miss K isn't :(

Anonymous said...

Glad K is feeling better now and that you got some spring skiing in :)

Love ya and think of you and pray for you all the time.

Kim Hiatt

hallegracesmama said...

I'm sorry she's been so sick. Halle gets the same way when she has a lot of phlegm. Nothing stays down and she loses weight quickly too. But WOW! She's really making progress with her eating! You have done a great job of trying to make the eating experience fun for Kaitlyn and it's paying off. That and all the research about blenderized diets. Are K's doctor's amazed?

Take care. Can't wait to see the new walking videos.


sarah said...

Liz: I am so sorry that Miss K's been so sick! I am so glad that you got to get away for a little bit and go skiing, it must have felt so good.

I can't believe how well the blenderized diet is going, though I know you are frustrated by her recent weight loss. Hopefully she can work on putting that weight back on once she's better.

Hang in there, as usual you are an inspiration to all of us.

Stacy said...

Liz -

I'm so sorry she's been sick! Even with Morgan, she gets the crappy lung stuff so quickly. We worked with a asthma doc (yeah, I know, like you need another doctor) - and have her on medicine now that helps her SO much with an action plan for when she does get sick.

As far as weight gain goes - Tanner was a little over 26 pounds a few weeks ago when he caught the Rotovirus. He dipped to 23#10oz. Now, four weeks after the onset, he's back to his old weight plus a bit. It's disappointing, but it comes back on faster the second time (geesh...kind of like my dieting).

Maggie (Sarah's mom) said...

Sending lots of PP&T's for Kaitlyn!

Hooray for her walking :)

Kim said...

I am so glad that you got away for a little R&R! Bummed that you couldn't go as a family, but hopefully that will be able to happen soon. Maybe the key is to not plan something ahead of time so K can't time her getting sick to interfere with your trip :)

I am so glad that K is feeling better. I was really worried about her for a while.

Hooray for the star! That is such amazing progress! But, then, she's a pretty amazing kid :) Can't wait to see the walking videos.

Kristina said...

I'm so glad the wee one is feeling better, that she's eating a little by mouth, and that she's nearly walking! She's doing so awesome, and you've done just a wonderful job with her :)


Colleen Proppé said...

Hi Liz and Brian and K too!

I am so glad you got to go skiing, Liz. That is wonderful. I have yet to go this year, but my Brian went for 3 days and fractured his humerous on the 2nd day. It has been hard with his injury, taking care of the twins, but we got some help with cleaning and a friend came today and helped do our garden bed for us in trade for my graphic design work for his biz. If you don't have anyone coming up with ideas for your tshirts for the walk, I would be happy to attempt a design for you. I am busy with the painting show coming up, and the boys' 5th Bday party is in 10 days... I can't believe they are turning 5. It is getting easier in many ways, but they are also making new messes because they have more abilities... Ie... Blake recently tried to glue his train tracks to the table with sunscreen(looks like glue, right?) And they often take soap or mommy or daddies products from the bathroom and try to use them for themselves... Oh, and very scary, today, Blake pulled a huge knife out of the chopping block because he wanted to use it to "open his toy box". We are going to get rid of the chopping block! Testing it all out now... I thought we were done with the childproofing days, but it's only just begun. Keep up the good spirits. Love, Colleen, Brian, Aidan and Blake