Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Pictures of Kaitlyn's Glasses

Here are pictures of Kaitlyn in her new glasses.
The first day of Kaitlyn's glasses.

Chewing on a feeding therapy chew tube

Wow, I really love my Prevacid. I put the medicine insert phamplet inside and she loved shaking the box all around - oh, the simple things in life!

Kaitlyn's bangs are getting really long, and the clips don't seem to stay in long. So today I tried out a pony tail! Brian thought she looked like an acorn.

A bit closer up view of glasses and pig tail

From my trip to Tahoe. What serenity, watching the sun set over Lake Tahoe. Beautiful!
Kim, our Tahe Fire fighter friend and I taking a "break" from skiing with some liquid refreshment
A self-portrait of myself skiing on the 2nd day. Lake tahoe is behind me. What a beautiful spring day of skiing. It was close to 60 degrees that day!
Dad and Kaitlyn on the swing (feeding tube attached)

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Jenny said...

She's so adorable in her new glasses!

Hey guess what? I went to an amusement park today and Iwas a little girl with Glasses EXACTLY like Kaiti's! Except they were obviously getting to small for her LOL they were WAY to narrow for ehr face. They look too cute on Kaitlyn though!