Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Horribly Sad awful story

Oh my, I just came across this fellow preemie mom blogger (her water broke at 18 weeks (mine broke at 17weeks).

She was all ready to walk with her daughter this year in her 2nd March for Babies walk and her daughter passed away yesterday on April 7th.

I'm so sad. I KNOW that if Corinne had survivied, she too would have horrible, horrible lungs. Kaitlyn's lungs are not great, but she had amnitoic fluid, babies without fluid are even worse off.

It just takes my breath away how precious our little ones are, and how vulnerable their lungs are.

PLEASE remember why the Mission of the March of Dimes is so very important. Please help donate in my families name or in Maddies. March of Dimes mission is to help prevent preamture births, birth defects and infant mortality. Please help.

Even a little can help save the suffering of familes from knowing the devastating effects that Premature births can have. No one should know the loss of their child. Ever.


dana said...

What a sad story. I will be praying for her family. Without the March of Dimes my son, and my sisters two kids would not be here.

Shannon and Carey said...

Oh God. How horrible. Oh Liz, we are doing what we can to save these precious little ones. I have a friend who has a toddler that always has junky lungs, always seems to be visiting the doctor and sats (sp?) that are low. Bless these children.
Prematurity really does suck.
btw, congrats on all the money you have raised. Way to go!
Shannon in Austin

Kristina said...

So sad. There but for the grace of God... Anastasia didn't have any amnio fluid to speak of, so it's amazing how good her lungs are.