Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our TV debut and Easter pictures

Here is a picture from yesterday's TV taping as the March of Dimes Ambassador Family for the San Francisco Bay Area. Our March of Dimes Page

It was fun being on the actual tv set where they film our news. Kaitlyn had fun at the "tv station" and when we watched the news yesterday evening I think she "got it" as Cheryl was doing the news (in the same outfit) and she got to see the set where she was just a few hours earlier. It was a lot of fun! (Thankfully my nanny came to help to keep the kids (yes both of them) occupied while I was filming my portion. Then Katilyn came on set and even with all her practicing it was a bit hard for her to stay sitting and quiet for her part. Wonder how it will look on the show! You'll have to watch to find out!

One of the Engineers showing Katilyn his timing machine (Kaitlyn of course wanted to wear it) Kaitlyn has her own mike (as they were concerned over her very quiet voice)
Dr Retyzic was there for the taping also. that was very special for both of us, as he was our NICU Doctor that delivered Corinne and had to give us the news that Corinne just wasn't going to make it. He was so happy to see Kaitlyn and was absolutely amazed at how well she was doing. it's a small world, as a very good friend of mine (Lucy) happend to grow up across the street from Dr R back East and told me about him before I delivered the girls. So, we have a special connection.

Remember, here is the link to watch the show after it airs at 10:00 am on Channel 7 (SF Bay Area) on Sunday April 19th: Beyond the Headlines

Kaitlyn at her Developmental Preschool Easter Party

She wanted to wear her fancy (Forth of July) dress
Getting ready for snack time!
After the kids are outside, they all learn to wait and ask to go inside
Kaitlyn working on her sentences
Quinn was at the School Easter party too
On Easter Sunday, we had a great time at a neighbors house for Easter Brunch and Easter Egg hunt
Our local community is so wonderful ( . On Saturday before Easter the Easter Bunny came to visit (on the fire truck of course) and here is a family shot!
Kaitlyn and our neighbor Ava searching for eggs at the Community Egg hunt, it seems Kaitlyn is really seaching closely! :)
Kaitlyn and Ava (somewhat patiently) waiting for the egg hunt to start

Dad, our neighbor Theresa and Kaitlyn Eating (yes she DID eat a bit too) pancakes after the egg hunt at our community center

Kaitlyn searching for eggs during the community egg hunt

Mom, Kaitlyn and Quinn at the pancake breakfast


Tokyo Biker Mommy said...

Hi Liz,

Nice to see these snapshots and hear the recent news. You all look well.

Kaitlyn's school looks awesome. We struggled with the decision to move our Saul out of his pediatric daycare and into "regular" preschool, but we made the jump and it has been very good for him even though eating is still a struggle. I think as he gets older we need to be looking at his over-all well being and integrate the feeding issues into that, rather than leading with the feeding issues and hope that everything else falls into place magically. It is a fine balancing act that we do, i'm sure you are very familiar with it. :)

Anyway, we are in TX at my in-laws and Saul is loving his new cowboy boots and spending time with Grandma and Grandpa. Here's a pic, don't ask me how he lost his pants. :)

Take care,
Sara in San Jose

Anonymous said...

Hi Liz,

All pictures are good!It's a great news to be in the TV show.Quinn looks skinny.He was very healthy before.Kaitlyn is always cute!