Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Kaitlyn update

I've actually lost track of how many doctor visits I've taken Kaitlyn too in the last 3 weeks...7 or 8 I think?

The most recent:

We went back into the doctor on Monday and Kaitlyn got another antibiotic shot. The steroid started working quickly, but then her cough came back horribly with a vengeance, so we went back into the doctor and they felt she now also had Bronchitis, more antibiotics!

Today, we had another visit (to see if she needed the 3rd dose of antibiotic shot for her ear infection). the doc felt that her ear infection was on the mend, BUT she did still have fluid in her ears, so we are now needing to go back to the ENT as well as we need to go back to see our Pulmonologist (I thought maybe just maybe we were going to escape dreaded lung issues).

BUT the good news, is that today, for the first day, Kaitlyn really seems a bit happier (not as cranky etc).

the bad news, Quinn's nose started running...I'm sure now that just as soon as K is better I'll be running back to the Doctor to take the little man.

Hope your kids are healthy!

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Shannon said...

I hate to hear your daughter has been sick. I hope she feels better soon, its no fun having a sick kiddo. For them, or you.