Saturday, April 04, 2009

Quick update

Kaitlyn has been sick now on and off for 3 WEEKS! I've taken her to the doctor (urgent care 2x) 7 times! We almost went to the ER twice.

Here's a quick rundown:

I can't even remember the first visits 3 weeks ago, but last Thursday in the middle of the night she started crying horribly at 2am (never happens) and she felt hot, brought her into bed with my after Tylenol and knew we'd have to go to doc first thing last Friday morning (confirmed ear infection), antibiotics.

That Monday, the cough was so horrible, went back to the doctor, as she was having coughing spells lasting up to 2 hours long. She was stating at 91 percent (not great), so was given more breathing treatments even after we had just give one to her 2 hours before).

Later in the week she was still whiny/crying, not her self, so went back, went on oral steroids), bough a bit better, but still not herself.

Last night started crying again in middle of the night, took temp in am, 101.5 (highest she's ever had) and to urgent care this am (while trying to juggle out of town clients that I was to take out in the afternoon), and her ear infection was now raging, but thankfully her lungs sounded good and the cough is better.

As she was already on a level 2 antibiotic, they wanted to give her an injectable type (mixed with some lydocaine, as it's very thick painful stuff), she's so small (she's now lost almost 2 pounds and is down to a tad over 26 pounds), they broke the injection into 2 (one in each thigh). They wanted me to stay in office to make sure she didn't have an allergic reaction, but when we tried to get her to walk, she couldn't. Poor baby, was crying horribly and literally couldn't move her legs at all. Boy was mom worried. (and continuing to look at my watch as I was due to meet clients in 30 minutes and I still had to drive 30 minutes home from SF).

After some Tylenol in the doctors office, she took 2 tiny steps (upon my promising her that we'd go home if she took tiny steps). Had to carry her out, she fell asleep in the car (which freaked me out, was worried that she was having a reaction to the antibiotic), but her color looked good through my rear view mirror.

Still could hardly walk at home, put her to bed and she took a 5 hour nap.

Finally tonight, after more pain meds, she was walking better, but still upset.

Let's hope for things to really improve tomorrow, as she'll have to get another of the horrible shots on Monday if her infection doesn't start to clear.

Poor little thing...seeing her while dressing tonight for bed, she's tiny, skinny and looked so sad.



Kristina said...

Poor thing! My prayers are with you and Kaitlyn.

Angie said...

I have a 10 month old actual, 7 month old adjusted micro-preemie who is going through the same thing. He has been sick off and on for 4 weeks now and had to admit him to the hospital last weekend because his O2 sat was 86. He seems better, finally, with the cough after steroids, supplemental oxygen and breathing treatments but low and behold he is now dealing with the flu or something. My baby is a very happy go lucky boy and his constant fussiness is so not like him.
My point is that I know what you are going through and it's comforting to know that someone else out there is going through something similar with their micro. I wish you weren't, don't get me wrong, but it still brings comfort our way.
Mom of Kanyon

Following Him said...

Prayers go out for Miss Kaitlyn! I do agree with you that those shots are so stinkin thick and HURT. Hope her little legs feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear that Kaitlyn is still not getting better!I am sure she'll feel better soon though!Lot of children are suffering with bad infection but it will end soon!
Could you give her high calorie but soft like mashed potato and gravy,macaroni and cheese,pasta and sauce,very soft boiled rice with lot of butter kind of food?I am sure it's hurting Kaitlyn to swallow her food.
Good luck to you and your family.


Sharipoland said...

Bless you both! It is so hard when they lose weight like that! Only people with kids with eating issues understand!