Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Holiday Pictures and some progress!

Here is a link to view Kaitlyn's holiday pictures!


Christmas 2006 Pictures

We have some GREAT news too!

Hang on to your seat, but Kaitlyn is drinking a bit of water by mouth!!!! I can' tell you how excited this was for me, I cried!! Yes, tears of joy that my daughter is taking a few sips of water (sure makes you think about simple things in life, doesn't it).

She even smiled a few times as I brought her "soft-feeder" to her mouth, she opened up her mouth and pulled it towards her!!!!! Wow!

Kaitlyn also learned to pull herself up to the couch a few days ago, she's now full on crawling all over the house and all she wants to do is stand, stand, stand!

We are hoping that as she stands more the vomit will decrease. I have to say, we've seen a bit of improvement on the vomit too!

So, it's been a great week!


maren said...

Hi Liz, I don't know you, but I've been following your blog for months now. I don't even remember how I first came across it. I'm also a mom who lives in Marin. I've never posted a comment before, but I just wanted to tell you how happy I am for you and your family that you've had such a good week. I'm so glad that Kaitlyn has been taking a few sips of water. I can't imagine how rewarding that must have been for you. I think of your family often, and will continue to do so. Happy Holidays! Maren

Kristin said...

Way to go Kaitlyn!!!!! That is wonderful news that she sipped some water and is showing some interest in food and drink. We continue to struggle with the eating aversion at our house, so I know how exciting it is to see these small but important advances. I am sure it is so fun to watch her crawl about and explore. Great job Kaitlyn and keep up the good work Liz!!!

Kristin mom to Kylin and Preston 27 weekers

Anonymous said...

That is very exciting! I remember the 1st time my micropreemie sat up by herself. Even though it was expected, I was shocked to find myself sobbing with relief. -E

Jenny said...

Yay Kaitlyn! Kudos to you Liz and Brian!

the pictures are PRECIOUS!!!

Keep on improving Kaitlyn!!!! WOO HOO!

Kim said...

Such progress in such a short amount of time! Amazing what Mom's dedication and perseverance and Kaitlyn's determination and perseverance can accomplish. I am so, so happy for you all!

Kim said...

And the pictures are so cute! You guys are a gorgeous family :)

The interesting thing about that series is that you can see Kaitlyn getting older as the pictures progress. So neat! And she looks like such a big girl now!

Anonymous said...

Those are such wonderful pictures! Kaitlyn's eyes took my breath away...I've never noticed how beautiful they are!

I am so glad to hear about K's success with water. That was Halle's first "drink of choice" as well! She sputtered and gagged on it at first but got better with time. I'm praying that her new mobility continues to help her reflux!

Kristin said...

Yay Kaitlyn! Keep up the good work Missy!

Kristin & Presleigh

stephasteph said...

Wow lots of good news! yea! Love the pics too!!!

Jen said...

That is fantastic news! She is so beautiful!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What great pictures!! I know Kaitlyn didn't smile but they are really nice pics.

Way to go on the sipping some water!

Andi said...

YAY Kaitlyn!!!!
I have been following your familys story since I came across it when I had my micro preemie in April. I can't tell you how happy I am to hear such great news! You are such A patient & wonderful mommy, Reading Kailtlyn's story, though hard at times has been such a big help in my life, & many others I am sure!
Keep up the GREAT work little girl!
Happy Holidays!

sarah said...

Kaitlyn seems to be doing better each time I check on her. I can't believe how far she has come. I am hoping that the reflux continues to improve- you guys really need a break, and so does she! She looks beautiful, keep up the great mothering!

Anonymous said...

Hello McCarthy family and Merry Christmas to you too! Way to go Kaitlyn on drinking the water! How rewarding for you Liz. I continue to follow your story!
~Shannon in Austin
PS: My husband says we look alike.

Patty Lyle said...

Merry Christmas! Fill her stocking with H2O. Great news. Glad I checked in. May this next year be filled with milestones reached.
prom mom

Shari said...

HI Liz, Tricia from Go Gratitude told me about your story. I to had a premie.Trintiy was 28 weeks
2 1/2 pounds. She is now almost 7 years and although she is a peanut at only 37 pounds she is healthy. Kaitlyn is beautiful. Im sure her sister is watching over you all in heaven. Seeing all the progress and milestones her sister is reaching! I know the road is long and hard but she looks great and I,m sure its all the love she is getting. Your daughters are both blessings to this world. With love