Monday, December 04, 2006

November Pictures 2

While we were in LA, we had to stop by the cell phone store (as brian's phone was on the blitz). It was actually funny (in our vomit type of way) as Kaitlyn had 2 huge vomits while we were at the story. The poor sales guy went running! We actually giggled, as what else can you do when your child (who was feeding at the time) vomits 3 x all over herself, her car seat, and of course it was typical projectile vomit all on the store's floor. This picture was taken afterward. She's wearing a very cute birthday outfit from a local twinless twin mom and her surviving twin Kyler.

Sue, a high school friend of mine who is a twin mom!

We were in LA to attend a good friend's wedding. Brian and I actually went out on our 2nd ever "date night" (If you don't include our vacation away). Grandma and Uncle Gary watched Kaitlyn after some lessons with the feeding tube. This cute birthday outfit on Kaitlyn was from my good friend Keri!
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Grandma in the picture too, this view is from my mom's deck, looking out at LA in the background.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Liz! I am so honored! My picture made the blog!!! It was great seeing you! Kaitlyn is adorable!!!