Monday, December 04, 2006

November pictures 5

My friend Sean and has partner David gave us this back-pack not long after Kaitlyn came home from the NICU. She's finally big enough to use it. We took the opportunity 2 weekends ago to go on a little hike with some nice weather! We are now having a very, very cold snap. It was in the 20's last night! Not a big deal for many of you in winter, but this is California! I had frost on my car this morning.

I had to try out the pack too! Kaitlyn didn't seem to excited, (then again, that's just her usual expression!).
This is my only Thanksgiving picture of Kaitlyn. Brian worked on Thanksgiving and of course my little girl doesn't eat much (well nothing actually). I guess that's the life of a wife of a fireman. We had 3 wonderful invitations to join friends, we ended up eating at another fireman families house who live in our neighborhood. This was Kaitlyn all dressed up on our way out the door. Birthday outfit curtesy of Sue (gorgeous sweater) and Dina (Kylers mom).

I don't think I've ever taken one before, but this is a picture of Kaitlyn's nurse who comes twice a week. It's been a very hard time lately, as Lucy (K's nurse) has told has that starting the first of the year she won't be able to come any more! We are a bit desperate for help! Lucy is a retired NICU nurse and treats Kaitlyn like her granddaughter! We are going to miss Lucy! Kaitlyn still has physical therapy 2x a month. Posted by Picasa

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Brandi Duffin said...

K nearly looks too big for that car seat! She is sure growing like a weed! Darling as ever!