Monday, December 04, 2006

November pictures 6

Her PT (Cindy) is sooo pleased at how well she's doing. She really didn't expect Kaitlyn to crawl until she was 12 months actual! Our miracle little Miss Kaitlyn is surprising everyone, she is now not even commando crawling anymore, she's on her hands an knees. She's still dragging one of her legs though. Kaitlyn likes Cindy a lot, can you tell! I hear of stories of babies hating PT, Kaitlyn doesn't seem to mind it much!

Working on her balance with Cindy.
Her PT appointment was in SF, the Golden Gate bridge and San Franciso were so beautiful when I drove home that I stopped to snap a quick picture.

Posted by Picasa It had just rained the day before so it was crystal clear outside.

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