Sunday, February 04, 2007

Grandma Mame (Markie) is in town

Today Kaitlyn is 13 months adjusted and 16 months actual. It's also just a few days and a year before she came home to us after her 127 day hospital stay on 2/9/05.
Sorry it's taken me so long to post, life, vomit and work have gotten in the way! Brian's mom Markie is in town, and Grandma has been snapping a lot of pictures:

Dad giving Kaitlyn a bath (this is a RARE thing, mom went out to dinner with a twin mom who has 2 sets of preemie twins and one has some new severe eating issues. We had a great time at dinner talking about vomit, feeding tubes and such - all over a glass of wine of course!

Wrecking havoc in the house - yes we have a toddler in the house.

She is the Queen of the pout! Watch out dad.

Brian's mom Markie is in town and we visited Dad at the fire house yesterday. Grandma had a lot of fun! Not sure if Kaitlyn did or not.

Sadly, Kaitlyn wasn't much of a fan of Markie "saving" her. I'm not sure if she was scared or her feeding tube got hooked on the equipment. Markie checking her "equipment" after the big save.
Markie in the firetruck (a truck is the ladder/equipment holder, where a fire engine carries water) Markie is in the tiller in this picture which is how you drive the back end of the truck.
She's having fun!

Katilyn's dad at work
Daddy's little girl.
Kaitlyn walking and crawling on the big firetable at the firehouse.Mom, Dad and Kaitlyn at the firehouse.
OK, this picture is for comparison purposes of last year's fire helmet picture (taken 4/06):

Same helmet, same baby!

Kaitlyn driving the fireboat

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