Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Sniffer


Momma Monkey said...

What a good little mimic she is !!

Over all that is a VERY good sign.

Before you know it she's going to be chatting up a storm and asking you for EVERYTHING :)

Our 32 month old Son was a preemie and is speech delayed, and his favorite thing now is to ask 'Who
s that?' about EVERYONE. In the grocery store, in the park, on TV.

It's wonderful :)

Jenny said...

OMG! that is the cutest little thing i EVER saw!! she's gets cuter and cuter all the time!

Karly said...

Oh! What a cutie!!

Kristina said...

Haha! Anastasia does that pouty-sniffy thing, too. And when she saw this video she thought it was pretty funny!

yp said...

who could ever say anything less than "yes" to such a sweet face? oh my gosh - I could just eat her up with that precious pout!