Sunday, February 04, 2007

Kaitlyn is 13 months adjusted/16 mo actual

Sorry for the long delay in posting, at least it will be worth it, lots of pictures and videos for your enjoyment!

Many of you have asked what Kaitlyn "sounds" like with her paralyzed vocal chord. In this video of her not eating, you can hear her croaky, duck-like voice. This video also shows that her eating progress is not progress. It's very frustrating. She's been vomiting non-stop. She does take a few tiny sips of water at the end, but that's about all we can get out of her now, and sometimes she even refuses that.

I've started doing a trial transition with jar baby food, mixed with formula and breast milk.

The good news is that Kaitlyn is VERY close to walking! yes, our miracle little daughter is reaching out to us and taking the leap of faith. She doesn't realy move her legs, so if we weren't there she would definitely topple over. She can also stand on her own for up to 2 minutes if she's distracted. Her motor-skills are doing absolutely fabulous! Tonight she walked quite a few steps on her own holding on to

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