Sunday, February 04, 2007

Trying AGAIN to post pictures

Blogger seems to be having some issues, i've tried posting the pictures about 4 times now, and when I leave the post they look fine, an hour later they are gone.

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We had our first official SF/Marin Preemie Play date. I was too busy to take many pictures, but here is a picture of Craig (a 33 weeker) and Kaitlyn checking out the cook books at Craig's house. Craigs Brother Angus was also a preemie (29 weeker) and is sadly having eating issues. Craig and Angus' mom Lisa was one of Kaitlyn's breast milk donators. Craig is now 2 years old and is doing great!

Kaitlyn has taken to reading her books. Look at all that blonde hair! :) OK, yes the book is upside down :) This is how I found her in her crib when she was supposed to be going to bed at night!

Kaitlyn giving a teethy grin in her crib.

During our recent cold snap, we had frost in our backyard for 3 days straight - it never melted even though it was a clear and sunny day. Kaitlyn wasn't too fond of the cold grass! I guess you can consider this her first time in the "snow!"

I took Kaitlyn for a cho-cho train ride yesterday (well 2 weeks ago now) in her feeding supply box. She didn't quite now what to make of it. To me in this pictures it looks like she's just hanging out casually with her arm over her side "door" Funny! What a great commercial for Zevex, the maker of our feeding pump.

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Jenny said...

yay Liz! It worked!! :D

She's SO cute! getting so big and her hair is getting so long!