Saturday, February 24, 2007

Pictures from the last month

Kaitlyn standing (yes ma, no hands) waiting to see Dr Good, her Eye Doctor

She can stand if she has something (like moms phone) to keep her occupied.

With all the craziness of the "nurse" the last week, it took away from an actual mom's night out in San Francisco!!! I took my best friend for a night in SF. We went out to a dinner theatre for my friend Keri's birthday. We've been friends since college! A mom from my twins club had a certificate for a very reduced rate at the Hyatt in Union Square in SF that she couldn't use, so I quickly snapped it up. This was the sunset from our room before we left for dinner. And it was a weird, strange night in SF, where it was so warm you hardly needed a jacket.

Keri and I out at the dinner theatre. Yes we look alike, (I'm on the left).

A very rare amazingly beautiful smile from my daughter. I actually didn't know I captured this smile until I just looked at the pictures! Wow.

Many of you know I started a local preemie support group. One of the moms (Lisa, on the left) who donated a ton of breast milk to Kaitlyn had a birthday party/mom's morning for her 2 preemies (they are not twins), but born a few weeks and 1 year apart. From the left, Lisa (mom to birthday boy preemies Angus and Craig), me, Sophie (whose 2nd daughter was born via surrogate early (28 weeks I think?), Kimberly (whose twins were born by a surrogate at 29w and sadly lost one of them 4 days after her birth and her surviving twin, Cammie, is still in the NICU, but due to come home any day), and Dina (who is holding her surviving twin Kyler, a 24 weeker). It's so nice to meet and spend time with all these mom's who understand. The birthday party was for not preemie moms and kiddos too, but it was nice to capture a picture with all of us. Kaitlyn had to stay home (as fear of others with colds and she had a fever).

Grandma Markie (a few more pictures from her recent visit) I see a lot of family similarity there, don't you?
See how Kaitlyn is looking at Markies mouth? This is very common, she rarely looks in your eyes, much preferring to look at mouths.
Kaitlyn playing with Grandma Markie.

I've been trying to capture a picture of this for a while. Kaitlyn sticks her finger out to explore things - but she always uses her middle finger. It's quite funny!
Kaitlyn's fine motor skills are quite good. She can find and separate pages of a book to open.

This picture is about a month old. When Kaitlyn was first standing, she wanted no part of holding our hands to help her walk. We used a Johnny Jump -up sling doorway thing (we never used it as a johnny jump-up) Not sure how big a fan Kaitlyn was of the process.
This friend of mine (Heike) is actually the reason that Brian and I met. Heike and I played ultimate frisbee together and hadn't spoken in quite some time - with all that had developed in my life. Little did either of us realize, but we both had preemies! Her son Lukas was born at 32 weeks. He is only 8 months old in this picture and look how he is about the same size as Kaitlyn at 13 months adjusted!
My friend Sue gave us her little tricycle with a handle on it. This was K's first time.
Making her fish face with dad.

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liz.mccarthy said...

This email was just sent to me recently, and I was very moved by it, so I thought I'd share:

Another list member had posted your website - which is awesome, which lead me to your blog - which is incredible. I was so mesmerized, humbled, and drawn to your story - I read all your entries, from beginning to end. I feel so blessed and priviledged by your open invitation to read your story.

Our son who is tube fed is not a preemie, but during our nine week stay at the NICU, nearly all our "roommates" were. Your blog brought home to me all the details and facts behind what we only saw from the outside, and in knowing more, the differences subside. In the end, the road shared within the walls at a NICU is more alike than different..... Our time in the NICU was 17 years ago. If I could have transported your blog back in time to the breast pumping room - so much affrirmation, release of grief, shared sorrow and joy and healing would have occured. Your blog is written with such love, joy, grace and gratitude - along with clarity, information and knowldge.

Your descriptions of your grief for Corinne are so pure and vulnerable - while at the same time your analysis and description of processing the grief in relation to time is so clear and wise.

In my life the greatest moments of discomfort have been the greatest source of joy and blessing in my life. You have already made your challenges into a gift for others - by sharing your story and narrating it so very well.

Thank you - and best to you and your incredibly handsome and joyous family.

with love,

(Yukas son I believe has been tube fed for 17 years. thsese wonderful comments coming from her. Wow.)