Friday, June 13, 2008

29 weeks and counting!

On Wednesday I turned 29 weeks and had yet another detailed ultrasound (hey, there's a bonus of having pregnancy complications, right?).

Placentia Previa (PP) is still definitely in place, and not likely to go away as it's so complete. We've started talking about when they want me to go in for a csection (they want 36w, I'm asking to go for 37w, as I'd like to have NO NICU time (as I'm sure you can all understand why), but my doc spoke to me about a woman who couldn't make it to the hospital in time when she started bleeding (from PP) and the baby died (near term). So big decision for us.

Still no bleeding or spotting and I feel great- yeah!

The best news is that Baby Boy McCarthy is now: hold on to your seats: 2 lbs and 11 ounces!!!! That means he weighs exactly 1 pound more than Corinne did at birth and 1 pound 1 ounce more than Kaitlyn did at birth! It made me feel really excited - that I'm going to have a baby to take home with me that isn't a micro preemie! I can't tell you the elation I felt at knowing how much he weighed!
Brian left yesterday for a week "strike team" which means he's out being a hero fighting the california forest fires that have already started. Please pray for him to stay out of harms way. He's located at the extremely large Humboldt County Fire in Northern California. I'll post more as I hear from him.

Finally some pictures for you to enjoy:

Belly picture at 29 w

Kaitlyn and Mom last week (everyone tells me I look "glowing"..I dont know it's just me!)

And a 4D ultrasound movie clip of Baby Boy McCarthy:


Heidi said...

Hooray!! You do look so beautiful and glowy! :)

Christy said...

Look how big you are and I say that in the best way. You are making it past some big milestones. :)

Shannon and Carey said...

Yeah 29 weeks! I'm so very happy for all of you. Kaitlyn looks so big with her backpack. May Brian stay safe and return home safe.
-Shannon in Austin

abby said...

Congratulations on having a BIG boy, Liz! The belly pics and the ultrasound are beautiful. I hope that you'll be able to check in at 36 weeks and be monitored in hospital long enough to make it to that ever-important no NICU stay (our NICU stops automatic admission at 35 weeks, but I don't suppose you want to come to Philly to have the baby...though we'd love to see you guys here at some point later on!). Anyway, I'm praying that Brian is okay, and that your grandmother is at peace right now. Thinking about your entire lovely family...


Sarah M. said...


Hopefully, if you do have to go at 36 weeks, you will have the same experience I did...the word 'NICU' wasn't even breathed in our presence about him. I mean, he was still early and small, and we fought jaundice, but he did well. Granted though I was in labor. I don't know if that makes a difference.

one thing - if you end up going at 36 weeks - definitely read up on jaundice and also how to get sleepy babies to nurse well. I was blindsided by it because I honestly wasn't expecting to deal with jaundice. However it is very common in that age group and if you're not lucky a lot of peds will push supplementing. Mine thankfully did not but from talking to friends, I think he's rare. Kellymom is a good resource, and so is LLL's website. Anyway, that was just something that really caught me off guard so I hope maybe it'll help you out a bit to know about that in advance...


Kellars Mommy said...

Yay for 29 wks, you look great and gotta love those baby tummys!