Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday update

Well, I've been home now since Tuesday (was it Tuesday? I've lost track of time).

I've been soo happy to be home, trying to get some things taken care of (desk/work things) in case I end up back in the hospital for the duration. It's amazing when you feel like time is working against you how much there is to do!

All's been well until yesterday when I started bleeding again, small, dark again, but none-the-less, it's definitely new, as the few days prior it had hardly been anything at all.

I had started feeling really frustrated about my lack of freedom/movement when everything seemed just fine to me, but I do know that this is likely what is going to happen and that it IS important for me to stay off my feet (which I've been doing).

Kaitlyn is having a tough time, she can't understand why mom can't lift her or do the things I used to do (bathing, feeding, playing) etc. The main thing we do is read books on the couch together, I can't seem to do much more with her as she gets very agitated/and moves around a lot which ends up being sharp elbows in my baby-belly which obviously isn't good. It's just her "normal" self, always on the go, not liking to sit still, but it's making things tough.

Brian's working his 3rd day in a row right now, thank goodness for our amazing nanny....Wow, were would we be without her?

So many friends/neighbors/moms have been coming by bringing me meals, which have been so appreciated, this way my nanny just heats up the food for me and brings it to me. I'm feeling more up-beat then when I left the hospital, amazing what being at home does to your spirits.

I am getting a bit stir-crazy, as not only am I off my feed and house-bound, but the crazy fires we are having in California are wrecking havoc with our air, and we have to keep our windows shut 24/7 as it's so smoky outside.

I will be 32 weeks this Wednesday. Belly is really starting to grow, and the little guy is kicking and moving like crazy! (a good thing as far as I'm concerned so I know he's safe)


Melissa said...

I am so glad you guys are able to be at home. WOW 32 weeks what an awesome mile stone!!! 4 more weeks to go for 36 weeks. I think you can do it!!!!!! We are rooting for you guys.

Melissa said...

I was just checking on Halle and her mom Julie and it looks like you guys are almost exactly the same both of you are 32 weeks. How neat

Deanna said...

That a girl.. stay off those feet & give that nanny a raise! Embrace the life going on inside you!

Catherine Chandler said...

I'm so glad you're able to be home! I'm sure it is confusing to Kaitlyn, and a bit frustrating, but she'll get used to it. Just like she'll get used to having a little brother around :) What a blessing to have such a wonderful nanny! I know that if the people I work for were going through the same thing, I would be there day and night, no problem.

Casey's trio said...

Thinking of you and Liz. Hang in there!!

Elizabeth said...

Hi! I don't think I have commented before so I just wanted to let you know that I am a faithful reader. When I found your blog I went back and read all of your archives! I admire the time and effort you put into making sure Kaitlyn eats as normally as possible.

I pray you have a safe delivery and I can't wait to see pictures of the new baby!

Feel free to visit my blog at if you would like to!


Amy said...

32 weeks is good! Mine were born at 32 weeks, and while not perfect timing, everything is okay. Keep hanging in there. I'm rooting for 36 weeks.

foolmother said...

So glad to hear you are home. Got the note and pictures yesterday - Big thanks!!!! Every day is a blessing for the baby. You are so brave. You are in the home stretch now - soon. We are thinking about you and Brian and Kaitlyn!!!!

Kristina said...

I'm glad you can be at home; what does your doc think about the bleeding? I'm soooooooo glad to hear the baby is kicking and moving a lot. That's the sign of a healthy baby!


Twinmommy2boys said...

Been a long time reader. Hope things are going ok, since we haven't heard from you in several days. Stay strong.