Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday Update

Unfortunately I had quite a number of contractions last night at midnight, so I was given a shot of Terbulatine "Terb" which is given to control contractions. It makes your heart race and makes you all jittery, so it's no fun but it worked.

Now I'm still at the hospital, after thinking I'd be at home already today by noon.

We'll see how the day goes.

Thanks everyone for your emails/ posts and offers of support. I have limited email connectivety, I can read emails on my cell phone, but can't seem to send emails currently.

I know (assuming I make it home) or even if I don't that my main concern is obviously Katilyn. We are very lucky that are care-giver has offered to help, but as she doesn't drive and needs to be there by 6:30 am when Brian goes to work for 24 hours is making things a bit tricky. Brian is back at work today and our care-giver is home with Kaitlyn.

Tuesday update:

I'm home! I was "released" last night at 4pm and was so happy to come home, take a shower and spend some time with Kaitlyn. Sleeping in my own bed was Divine. So far so good in the bleeding department...Let's just hope this guy and my placentia behave!

I'm on limited activity/bedrest, very bummed about loosing my freedom, but I have to say I'm in a much better frame of mind about not doing it in the hospital. For those of you out there that are on bedrest, especially the ones on hospital bedrest. Hang in there, it's a very hard thing to do, even though you know you are making these sacrifices for such an important reason. I know I go through all sorts of thoughts every day myself.


Shana said...

Prayers and happy thoughts sent your way! (((HUGS)))

Sarah said...

Mila and I are thinking of you constantly. Much much love from one tubefeeder to another!

Julie DeRuvo said...

Hi Liz,

YEAH! I am so happy you are home! Feet up & rest as much as possible. I would be happy to bring you guys dinner on Thurs. if needed - just let me know. Also, I can do it Sunday & next week.

Take care of yourself, so glad you are home!

Laura said...

omg what you have been through lately! i missed this whole missed adventure. i am so sorry for this whole event. i can imagine how hard it has been for all of you.
i am glad to see you are home at least. take extra special care.

Abby said...

glad to hear you are home. From someone who was on bedrest the first time around with my pprom/twin pregnancy (10 wks bedrest, 6 1/2 at the hospital) I know how awful (mentally) it can be! However, I didnt have a toddler at home at the time so can only imagine how tough it must have been..hang in there little guy!
~abby (from boston)

Sarah said...

So glad to hear you are home!!! Still thinking of you!

Timepass said...

my prayers..having gone through a similar experience, i very well understnad what u r going through.pls pass on ur email id,will email you.