Friday, December 30, 2005

Christmas pictures and more.....

Here is Kaitlyn in her Baby's First Christmas Hat, sleeping away.

Kaitlyn was "tracking" my voice with her eyes in this picture. She was sort of sleepy, and I spoke to her and she woke up, and tried to find the sound of my voice. She is wearing a very cute outfit from her Great Uncle Rick and Rainey. Rick is Brian's Uncle. Although it's a Preemie outfit, it's still big on her. This was on Christmas Eve.

Kaitlyn yawns a lot!

Mom having a successful breastfeeding attempt on Christmas Eve

Mom and Dad (aka Liz and Brian) at home on Christmas Eve

Uncle Gary talking to Kaitlyn and she sure likes the sound of his voice! She probably knows how much help he was in keeping all my blog watchers up-to-date after I delivered

A proud Uncle Gary, holding his neice for the first time

Here is Kaitlyn with a blankie snuggly from Auntie Kris. Kris is almost my step-sister (my mother's long-term boyfriend Rich's daughter). yes, it's all very confusing, and you can see why things were a bit hectic over Christmas.

Nana (Grandma) Corinne holding Kaitlyn for the first time...yes those are definitely tears in Nana's eyes. (Mom Liz takes after her mom in the tears department). We named our first born twin daughter Corinne Margaret (after both my mom and Brian's mom). We wanted to make sure our little Prom Princess had the name of our strong mothers so that she would be a fighter. I'm sure my mom Corinne had the same thoughts I always do when I hold Kaitlyn, what would Corinne Margaret have looked like.

Grandma Marcia (Mimi) holding Kaitlyn for the first time. This is my step-mother. Marcia's daughter Whitney (who lives here in the Bay Area) is due to have her 2nd child in just a few days from now. She was due the same time I was originally due

Dad trying to get Kaitlyn to nipple. Kaitlyn isn't very interested (as she often isn't). She sort of looks up at you and says, "well, what am I supposed to do with this?"

Dad holding Kaitlyn. This picture gives good perspective at how small she still is

These 2 "twin" ornaments are from Kaitlyn's NICU twin. Right across from Kaitlyn's crib is Ethyn, who was also a micro-preemie and lost his twin brother. Both Kaitlyn and Ethyn have been in the NICU for a very long time. Ethyn for even longer, he was born at 24 weeks, and is almost a month past his due date. Ethyn's parents, Jenny and Phil are the ones who made us the great Christmas crib sign. I showed up to the NICU one day and these adorable little first Christmas ornaments were right between our two "twins." We have become good friends with Phil and Jenny, Ehtyn's parents. In fact, we have spent all our holiday's together in the NICU.

Brian's mom Grandma Margaret (aka: Markie or Mame her Grandmother name) made us these incredibly beautiful ceramic plates which she brought when she was visiting Kaitlyn after Thansgiving. She had made a similar plate for Brian when he was born, which we have. These are very, very special to us.

Every time I look at Corinne's I cry, as it's just so beautiful that she's peacefully sleeping. The plates are hanging in Kaitlyn's nursery.

My mom (Nana Corinne) found us these 2 beautiful porcelean angel ornaments which she searched and searched for. She had Kaitlyn and Corinne Margarets name painted on them. When I opened these on Christmas, both my mom and I sobbed.

This incredibly beautiful touching night-light was sent to me from Leanne and Andy from New Orleans. If you recall reading my blog during Hurricane Katrina, I mentioned I have a lot of family in New Orleans that were all displaced by the Hurricane. This porclean night-light shows a beautiful angel over the bed-side of a baby girl, with her mother looking on. I of course cried when I opened the box to this touching gift. It couldn't have been more fitting. ........ Leanne and Andy are my ex-inlaws. But I have remained very close with my New Orleans family now (as has Brian) and we consider them Grandparents too. Kaitlyn and Corinne are indeed lucky girls to be surrounded by so many family members and friends.

Ok, I haven't posted any pictures of Corinne, but maybe with all the touching gifts above, I thought I'd post my most favorite picture. After Corinne had passed, the wonderful nurses at CPMC put Corinne in Kaitlyn's isolette. In it, Kaitlyn is holding Corinne's hand. I am still planning on posting more pictures of Corinne, on a memorial type page. I thought with the holidays, you all might like to see this touching picture.


Anonymous said...

What beautiful sisters. We lost a grandchild last year and just had another one on Dec. 13. He is a preemie but doing very well. Our hearts and thoughts are with you. Isn't it exciting to watch them accomplish the smallest things. Miracles do happen. Hang in there. Penny from Michigan

Jodi from PROM said...

Great pics. Kaitlyn is looking so beautiful. I'm sure this is such a difficult time for you with the holidays and your due date coming up. As Penny said, it's very exciting to see their accomplishments. Even more exciting than if you'd had a "normal" pregnancy and baby. Their accomplishments are that more important and you realize what a miracle your child is. Rejoice in that and know that Corinne is watching over you and loves you all. Sincerely, Jodi from PROM, mom to Anthony prom @16 wks, born 5/04 at 31 wks

Anonymous said...

I found your site while reading Holland and Eden's site. We've continually prayed for those two and, if you don't mind, I'll keep your Kaitlyn in my prayers. Just love her and always let her know it. Our children are a precious gift. It looks evident from the pictures on your site that she is surrounded with people who love her. Connie from Michigan

Amy said...

I, too, found your site by reading Holland and Eden's site Though I don't know them, either, I am compelled to read their story and pray for them. I will keep you and your precious family in my prayers, too. You are a very strong, brave woman. The picture of your girls just took my breath away.

I had preemie twins (though only 33 weeks, so not nearly as early as many people). One was completely healthy, and we almost lost one. He spent 2 months in the NICU, passing his original due date. I know it is a traumatic ordeal, but keep focusing on the day you will get to bring Kaitlyn home. And you will.

Merry Christmas, and here's to a much healthier new year.

Michelle Flannagan said...

Happy New Year Liz- The pictures are beautiful. I know the holidays must have been so tough on you with Brian working. Holidays are tough enough with family etc, nevermind having a child in the hospital.
I had a hard time when my due date came around too. Declan was home but Anna was still in the hospital. Every year when it comes around I look at the two of them, and wonder what things would have been like had I made it the due date.
Miss Kaitlyn looks great, and I'm so glad she continues to do well. Hopefully she'll get better at the feeding thing soon, so you can bring her home. Take Care, Michelle

Michelle said...

Such a touching photo of your two girls. You will cherish that picture forever. I found your site by reading Holland and Eden's blog. I write to their mom, being that we live only a few miles from each other. If you'd ever like to write as well, my address is below.

I have micropreemie twins in the NICU who were born at 23 weeks. They are coming home tomorrow after 100 days. It's a journey that changes your heart forever, isn't it?

Have a healthy New Year. I will be praying for your girls.

Michelle Farell
Canton, Michigan

julie deruvo said...

Hi Liz,
I thought I would write a message here for you to let you know that I was thinking of you and Brian continuously today. I know that it must have been a difficult day for you, being that it was your "due date" as well as a procedure day for Kaitlyn. You had so many of us sending you our thoughts and prayers though, hopefully it softened the burden today??

I can't tell you how emotional I was seeing all of the beautiful pictures you posted! I was overwhelmed by the display of unconditional love and the clear bond in the last picture between Corinne and Kaitlyn. What a treasure that picture will always be to your family!

I am sending you the biggest hug today! As always you remain in my prayers! Please let me know when you hear more from the Dr's about Kaitlyn's procedure.

Love and Blessings to you today and always,

Anonymous said...

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