Thursday, December 22, 2005

Kaitlyn's crib sign

Isn't this the cutest. Kaitlyn's NICU lost twin's parents made this for us. We have become friends with another micro-preemie babies parents, as their situation is similar to ours, they also lost their babie's twin brother and their son has been very sick. They are sadly well past their due date in terms of going home. We have both been there for so long already.

Their son's dad makes the greatest crib signs for his son's bed, and he made this super cute one for Kaitlyn.

The eye doc on monday said once again that Kaitlyn's left eye looks great from the surgery but it is still too soon to tell for the right. He's coming again today.

Kaitlyn also had a "swollow" test yesterday. The docs are concerneed because she really isn't feeding (nippling from a bottle) very well (meaning there is no way she'll be coming home early). The good news is that the swollow test showed that she is not aspirating milk into her lungs (very good thing) and has very little reflux. (preemies often get reflux).

The bad news is that the xray showed that she still does have substantial Chronic Lung Disease and is why she is so dependent upon oxygen still. Time should heal her lungs, it could be months or it could be years.


Anonymous said...

Dear Liz
I came to know about you and this website 2 days ago and have been reading it daily since then.
well things are not going well in our lives. i thought my probs were the biggest, but you have shown immense courage and it makes me look at the positive things in my life.

-From a preemie mom (My son born @ 30 weeks, 2 lbs, stayed in NICU for 5 weeks).

Sarah said...

CLD can be managed - home O2 is a pain, but it can be dealt with.

It seems like with every micro-preemie, there's this ONE LAST THING they need to do before they can go home, and waiting for that ONE LAST THING can get very frustrating! For Shoshanna it was getting big enough to maintain her own body temp (well, and for the docs to decide how they wanted to manage her reflux, but that wasn't HER issue). You might like to look at Savannah Cabell's 'blog ( - her ONE LAST THING was eating, and as I recall, one day she just GOT IT and was able to go home shortly thereafter.

So hang in there, and have a happy holiday even if it does have to involve the NICU!

Anonymous said...

Liz and Brian,
Merry Christmas and Merry First Christmas to baby Kaitlyn.

Love, The Cantins'

Michelle Flannagan said...

Merry Christmas to all. I'm glad to hear that Miss Kaitlyn is doing well. Her sign is awesome! Anna had the CLD as well, from the pneumonia from the vent. Didn't need O2 at home, but the first few colds were nailbaiters..


liz.mccarthy said...

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, i will do so shortly, it's been crazy with all the family in town....Love Liz