Saturday, December 17, 2005

Eye Doctor Update

Well, Kaitlyn's eye doc saw her on Friday, and he said that one eye looked improved greatly from the surgery and that the other was too soon to tell.

Here are some new pictures of my little one.

Kaitlyn was asleep almost the entire visit with her today, but somehow, we were able to capture a rare moment of open eyes.

Taken today. She actually finally has a little "meat" on her thighs

This is a picture of Kaitlyn's plastic crib now that she's out of her isolette. These are the typical beds that newborns are put in.

A close up in black and white.

A message and stuffed cuddly rabbit that was left for Kaitlyn from her cousin Charlotte (and Aunt Whitney).
A beanie baby next to Kaitlyn so you can see that she is still small, but getting bigger.
A proud mamma looking at her baby girl

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Anonymous said...

For a such a tiny baby she looks great, her color, hair, she is very pretty, and you look so happy holding her, I pray that she comes home soon.