Friday, December 16, 2005

Frustrating Day

Here’s my frustrating day today:

12:30 am – pump & sleep
6:00 am – pump & sleep
9:30 am – wake-up again, pump & shower & call vets office to get our dog Kailan in – she’s really sick
10:45 – drive to city (25 miles) to see dermatologist as I still have a breast problem which hasn’t cleared up
11:30 – wait in docs office
12:00 – drive back home (25 miles)
12:30 - pump
2:00 – take our dog Kailan to vet. Get frustrated when he wants to do $1,000 of lab work. She has bad diarrhea which has gone on for a few weeks now and is loosing a lot of weight. I’m so worried about her. Because I had to get her to the vet, when I was in the city I didn’t have time to visit Kaitlyn in the hospital.
3:00 go to pharmacy to pick up prescription from my doc visit this morning
4:00 Try to get Kailan to take her pill (to stop the diarrhea), but she has no interest in eating anything, this takes me 30 minutes to finally get it down her.
4:30 pump
5:00 Finally eat. (note that I have not mentioned EAT during any of this time-line. I’m supposed to be eating at least 500 calories EXTRA a day due to pumping).
5:45 leave to drive back to the city (20 miles) to go to the hospital to make it for Kaitlyn’s 7:0o feeding
6:45 visit and feed Kaitlyn (no breast feeding due to the new medication I’m putting on).
8:45 pump at the hospital
9:30 drive home (20 miles)
10:00 have dinner
12:00 am pump

And I’m supposed to be going back to work? When in the world am I supposed to work?

At least Kaitlyn was awake this time during my visit….she took some of her bottle (20 cc’s), then had to be gavaged the rest (23 cc’s). It was great to have her look up at me with her eyes open! At least that was a wonderful part of my day. Welcome to the busy life of a mother!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Liz!

Trish gave me your blog address and I have been reading and catching up with your life since we last saw each other. Your baby is so beautiful, and am I going to keep her in my thoughts as she goes through all that's needed to get her healthy and home with you and your husband.

I am so sorry that her sister did not make it. My heart goes out to you and your husband. I can only imagine the loss of a child, and it breaks my heart. I am sending you a big hug and our love.

We are doing well. JK still teaches at City College, and I work with homeschoolers in a program set up to support homeschooling with enrichment classes. We homeschool Alissa, age 9, and Logan, age 12. Alissa and I are into horseback riding, and Logan and JK are into roller hockey. We are busy and happy.

Keep doing the terrific job are doing, and know that your old friends are thinking about you and cheering you on.


Anonymous said...

Wow you had a very frustrating day, but I hate to say this but I think it will only become more busy when the baby comes home and you go back to work, atleast from my girlfriends who have children its never ending. She looks great, can't wait to see all of you, I think Keith and I will be in SF April 2006 so we will need to visit the new addition to the family. Love you,Kimberly