Friday, December 09, 2005

Day post eye surgery

Day Post ROP Surgery

Well, Kaitlyn came through the surgery fine, although she is still sedated. The anesthesia she received was supposed to be fast acting, but it seems to still be in her system. The Doc said that sometimes this happens, because the babies are so little. She was doing so well last week, and now she has taken a few steps back, breathing wise, but hopefully she will be better by tomorrow. She's back on the high-flow nasal cannula at 2%. She had been off it for over a week, the doc feels that it's the fact that she's still sedated that's keeping her having breathing issues. She's had quite a few A's and B's. (Apneas (forgetting to breathe) and Bradys (reduced heart rate).

The Eye Doc said that the surgery went well. It's about 1.5 hour procedure, where he shoots 1,000's of laser bursts into each eye. Thankfully, Kaitlyn didn't need to go under a General Anesthesia (where she would have to be intubated again). He said he won't be able to determine if it worked or not for about 1.5 weeks. He will exam her again on Monday, but said he likely won't be able to see results that quickly

The good news is that I was able to visit and hold Kaitlyn finally today! This Sunday would have been 2 weeks that I hadn't seen her, so it was a huge relief. Of course I had tears to see and hold my daughter again. She had grown so much! She hit 4 pounds today, she looked so different! She has little chubby cheeks and thighs. Her eyes were swollen (and closed) the whole time I held her, as she was sleeping.

If you are a parent, can you even imagine not being with your new-born child for 2 weeks before they are even 3 months old? I know of new mother's who have trouble leaving their new-born for an evening, and I couldn't see my daugther for almost 2 weeks!

Oh, and more good news! Kaitlyn has graduated to a "Big Girl Bed!" This means she is no longer in an isolette and can maintain her own temperature better. This should mean that it will be a lot easier to hold her whenever we want to without nurse assistance (when she recovers from surgery completely.)

It felt like I was in a time vacuum when I was there, HOURS flew by, and before I knew it I had to go back to the pump room again. I held my daughter in my arms, and stared down at her. It was like I had been gone a lifetime, I missed her so much. The tears were rolling down my cheeks.

Hopefully tomorrow she will be more alert so that I can either bottle feed (or possibly breast feed?). Today she was just too sleepy and was gavage fed (feeding tube). She did try to cry a bit, but still no noise has escaped her tiny little self. When she cries, her fact scrunches up and it's obvious she's crying, but all you hear is little gasps of air, instead of crying noises. Brian and I keep asking the doc about her lack of making noise, but the Doc said she still isn't concerned. It makes us worried, as other babies her size and age cry.

The good news of being home for close to two weeks was that we finally were able to work on Kaitlyn's nursery. Kaitlyn's grandparents (Brian's parents) where here and helped immensely. We painted the room, put in a chair-rail, sanded a dresser and put the crib together. It's almost finished, and it is so wonderful to feel that I am more ready to have our daughter come home.

It made me somewhat sad too, as most pregnant women are able to "nest" and get their nursery ready months in advance. Where I was on bed rest and also didn't know if I would be bringing babies home with me. It's sad to see only one crib in the room, but it is a room done with a lot of love and I know that Corinne's spirit is there, ready to continue protecting Kaitlyn.

We also felt rushed to get the nursery ready, as our friends and family are throwing us a shower this Sunday. It also prompted me to unpack the final boxes from moving (remember, we moved when I was on bedrest, so I did a lot of the unpacking since I delivered my twins.) We are so excited ! Finally a reason to celebrate!

These pictures were taken by Markie, my Mother-in-Law during her visits with Kaitlyn.

Grandma Markie holding Kaitlyn's little hands

Dad gazing adoringly at his daughter.

Hi everyone! Look at all my hair.

Gradma Markie McCarthy holding her 1st grandchild for the first time.

Dad bottle feeding Kaitlyn for the first time

Kaitlyn's not a big fan of the flash - ever the drama queen, it's hard being the center of so much attention and love.

What a beautiful girl


julie deruvo said...

Hi Liz,
I am so sorry that I didn't know that Kaitlyn was having surgery. I am glad that she did well and of course we will keep her in our prayers!

I missed you at Comfort Night, but there will be other times for us to meet! Take care and Happy Holidays!
P.S. SOO glad that you are feeling better now too! ;)

julie deruvo said...

Hi Liz,
Just checking in to see how you & Kaitlyn are doing. I am anxious to hear more about her progess post-op.

I am also so happy to hear that you were able to finally hold/see Kaitlyn. I can only imagine how difficult that must have been for you!

You will have to take pictures of the nursery - you did put it together with sooo much love in your heart! :) How did your shower go??

Hugs to you and hope that you will have good news on Kaitlyn soon -- maybe before Christmas! :)