Sunday, December 18, 2005

Great visit today with Kaitlyn....

What a great visit mom had with Kaitlyn today! After drivng through a torrential rain/wind storm, I made it to the hospital. (It rained 6 inches of rain in 24 hours!)

Today I got to the hospital more than 2 hours before Kaitlyn was to feed, so I just held her close as she slept. Finally, as her feeding time got close, she actually woke up! And......breast fed! She did really well, (but just for 7 minutes or so, then she got tuckered out).

Here are some great pictures where you can actually see Kaitlyn awake. After eating, she did have a Brady (heart rate drop).

I did have some sadness though. There was a set of twins in the NICU right behind me as I held Kaitlyn sleeping for those few hours. The nurse was bundling them together, and I coudln't help overhear and think of how I wished for Kaitlyn's sake that she could feel the warmth of her sister next to her. I started crying silent tears and one slipped off my cheek and fell onto my daughter. As I stared down at my peaceful, sleeping girl, looking at how much she has changed, I couldn't help but wonder what her angel sister Corinne would look like now.

After sleeping for a few hours, I put Kaitlyn back into her crib to change her diaper, and surpirse, surpirse, she actually woke up. I haven't seen her this awake since before I was sick. This was a big treat for me. This picture was taken by her sweet nurse Kerry after taking her out of her crib again just before breasfeeding.

Kaitlyn is awake! Her face is all red, that happens when she stretches. This was after breastfeeding.

Hi Mom, it's nice to see you! Thanks for letting me drink some milk directly from you. And I say to Kaitlyn, you can drink from me anytime you want, it's much more enjoyable than the breast pump!

OK, here are some pictures from home:

This picture of wild turkeys was taken in front of out house the day of our shower.

Our dog kailan (yes, she's still sick) has taken to using our previous home-owners cat-door (we don't have a cat) to check out what's going on outside the front door.

Christmas Kailan saying "Get better soon and come home Kaitlyn!"



Was browsing the blogsites and just can't help but read and comment. Hope you don't mind. I'm a grandmother of 1 cute little boy who was also prematurely born last July 2005. His due date was supposed to be Sept 2005. He only weighed almost 2 pounds. He was so tiny and so fragile. He stayed in the Hospital for quite sometime yet. My daughter-in-law had a pre-eclampsia. I have been taking care of my grandson since birth. If it's okay to be blog friends with you and your hubby, then I'll be sending you his pictures.

liz.mccarthy said...

Hi Friday's Child, thanks for reading my blog..I'd love to see pictures of your grandson.

Anonymous said...

She's so cute and getting so much bigger. I can't wait to meet her in person.



Anonymous said...

What a cutie pie!!! I'm so glad she's doing so well and getting stronger everyday.

Love ya and thinking of you often :)

Kim H.

HHH said...

I came across your site from another preemie blog i keep up with. I also had preemie twins. 25wkers! My girl has had 4 eye surgeries and now wears glasses, my boy has had 1, his first surgery for ROP worked. I would love to keep up with your Kaitlyn, Good Luck, the time will fly by in the NICU.